right in front of my ears on both sides its really tight and tense. There is also pain. I feel like it needs cracked or whatever. Is it good to try it yourself with your mouth or jaw?

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replied February 8th, 2006
No kevin, it is not good to crack your jaw joint. If you get it into place with the first crack - great, but that rarely happens and the more the joint is cracked, the more irrepairable damage is done and ***more pain***. This was and is my big problem for 25 years now and my joint is so damaged. I start cracking it to get it into joint and I can't stop until it is and many times it won't go where it should so. Most times it take hundreds of cracks. The cracking hurts making the joint get more and more painful until it is excruciating and all you want to do is die.

So what do you do when it feels like you have to crack your tmj? - anything but pop or crack it. That was a helpful answer, wasn't it? The most important thing to do is to try and relax. Pull your shoulders down and your head up and back and chin parallel to the floor. It's usually bad posture that gets you to that point. Another thing is to have a massage by a good, tmj knowledgable massage therapist. The muscles and ligaments need to be stretched. Moist heat is good to relax the area. Anti-inflammatory pain meds or muscle relaxants or even anti-depressants are good. Keep yourself busy and ignore it (this is a hard one). Do not clench your teeth. Exercise. Ultrasound (radio waves, not imaging). Go to sleep with a sleeping pill. Get into a hot tub. Cry. Preventative treatment.

Anything but do not pop or crack. That is my one regret because I have suffered more and worse pain because of it. It becomes involuntarily and you don't even know you are doing it after a while. It becomes, it is, a night mare.

Do be careful,
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