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Vibration In Neck And Shoulder

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For two and half years I have had a vibration felt within the left side of head/neck shoulder area. Its worst at night when head is on pillow. Sitting at this computer I have electrical tingling in top left shoulder and left side of neck. I have had 2 mri scans, ct scan, all on the head/neck area and all shows normal wear and tear.

Blood test, hearing test normal.

Neurosurgeon in portugal suggests nerve root issue but nothing proven. Doctors in uk have done nothing for me. All scans were carried out in portugal.

Neurontin was prescribed along with cloxazolam. Both together I felt like a zombie. Have used the cloxazolam 2mg at night and at least I get some sleep.

I think I have a trapped nerve in the left shoulder after lifting heavy boxes, because up until that time I was ok.

Does anyone know of what I can do to get rid of this issue at the medical profession here in the uk just don't want to know.

Thank you
richard coombe
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First Helper fuelboss

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replied February 5th, 2006
Extremely eHealthy
Hi there! I am no Dr., but I have had a lot of neck problems including 2 neck fusions, it could be a trapped or pinched nerve, it could be spasms or bone spurs. Have you had an m.R.I. Done yet? Haave your fingers started hurting you? Sometimes you need to be a little pushy with these dr's but not rude.
Good luck!
Let us know what you find out.
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replied March 13th, 2006
Have you been checked for chiari & syringomyelia ?
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replied June 19th, 2009
I am a little late posting a reply to you guys but the answer is YES I have had an MRI on the head and neck but apparently nothing shows. I feel like have just receieved a blow on the back of the neck that gives me bit of a dizzy feeling. I also go to sleep very easily when sitting resting my head.

Blood pressure and everything else is completely normal. Several years of this and I am getting a little tired of this issue. I am OK as long as I keep on the move. The problem is when I sit still for even a short period of time.

If anyone has ideas I would be very grateful.

Richard (UK)
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replied December 31st, 2012
treatment for vibration
Hi friends
i have all that syptoms and doctors could not help me well, but i think i could solve it by myself.
i've done these:
1 ) decreasing the level of stress by different activities (depend on your personality) for me was having more time with friends.
of course, you may say that it does not related to stress at all, but bileve me, it could be a hidden kind of stress
2 ) doing neck exercises
3) decreasing the hours of working with computer
4) decreasing the use of transportation (bus, car,...)
(i strongly bileve it really affect)
5) changing my pillow
6) decreasing working with those issues that went on my nerve
7) at first, i would stick myself to a changeless position for soe seconds
and ...

please let me know if these were helpful for you or not.
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replied October 15th, 2010
neck and head vibrations
My brother is suffering similar symptoms and the doctors have not been able to identify anything. Multiple MRIs, CAT scans, etc.

Any luck with your situation?
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replied April 19th, 2012
Neck vibration issue
I have had a vibration in my neck for over a year. I work on the computer and know I have a disk issue in my neck. It feels like a mild jolt of electricity passes through the base of my skull and neck. It isn't that painful but very scary. I have had MRIs and CT scans that show the disk issue. I havent followed up with a neurologist yet. Dis you come up with any answers and does my situation sound similar to your symptoms?
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replied April 20th, 2012
I have had a vibration in my neck for over a year. I work on the computer and know I have a disk issue in my neck. It feels like a mild jolt of electricity passes through the base of my skull and neck. It isn't that painful but very scary. I have had MRIs and CT scans that show the disk issue. I havent followed up with a neurologist yet. Dis you come up with any answers and does my situation sound similar to your symptoms?
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replied August 3rd, 2012
Since my first post in 2009 I still have no resolution to the issue of feeling a tremor or a vibration in the left side of my head, neck, shoulder area. More scans reveal nothing except wear an tear in some joints in the neck.

It drives me crazy and quite honestly with this issue I have not felt completely relaxed for around 9 years. If I doze off I then wake up as though I am in a trance or as though I have just been clubbed in the back of the neck. I wake in the night or in the morning and just have to get out of bed as I cant stand this feeling.

Richard (UK)
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replied October 15th, 2012
Hi Richard,

I'm not suggesting you do, but I suffer from Anxiety Disorder and I get a weird vibration at the back of my head/neck sometimes. Many other AD sufferers seem to get the same. I also have a left side neck/shoulder injury. It may just be a nerve issue exacerbated by tension/stress. Not pleasant I know. Good luck with your search.
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replied May 20th, 2013
Weird vibration in base of skull, left side of neck
I am going through something very similar. last year I was in an auto accident in which I T boned a larger vehicle at about 40 miles per hour. I was not at fault and did not suffer any apparent broken bones or cuts but my car which was totaled did not have airbags. I hit the left side of my head on the roof of my car and was dazed for about a month. I immediately had double vision in my left eye which has improved over time but its still obvious to me.
I have a history of scoliosis, degenerative arthritis and spondelosis. I am 63 yrs of age and still full time employed..self employed. I am not an unhappy person and I love my job.
About 8 weeks ago I woke with a terrible headache and a stiff neck on the left side as well as this vibration. I tried ice and heat for about a week as well as anti inflammatorys. Nothing helped so I went in to see my pain doctor.
So far we have tried 2 weeks of oral pred, 4 cortisone shots in the neck and acupuncture. Also an MRI, additional X-rays, pain meds such as neurontin ( made me feel like a zombie, did nothing to eliminate my problem and did not continue.)I have tried other pain meds other than what I have taken for years which is ultram or darvon ( now off the market) He sent me to an orthopaedic surgeon who went though some nerve damage paces with my hands and arms and announced it could NOT be a nerve problem. He seemed annoyed I had taken up his time. He did the xrays and said that I have considerable arthritis in my neck.
I suffered a 4th cerebral nerve palsy syndrome from the car accident trauma which what caused the double vision in my left eye from the accident but which has improved over the time..And as a result of this accident I completed about 8 months of Chiro..where I often complained of stiff neck, headaches and pain in general area. I was treated with a type of tens unit and moist heat most of this time. The problem I have now did not exist until after I stopped this treatment. In approximately 6 weeks after ending Chiro, is when I awoke one morning with this crazy sensation..its hard to explain..kind of like feels like electricity without the sharp pain, or (I hesitate to say this, but like a centipede doing a 5 mile run in one area on my neck) or possibly a tens unit without the painful contractions of a real unit...I do not seem to have the issue to the degree I do when I am upright, once I am in a prone position at night I just try to fixed my pillows just so to sleep and support my neck..its definitely still there but not so annoying I cannot sleep. I am still plagued with a stiff neck and headaches however, most every morning and throughout the day.
I am going to try a cervical epidural ( at least this is my next course of treatment.) . Light and sounds seem to annoy me more than ever. Nothing was found on my MRI ( but my doctor said perhaps it did not include the right area..the problem is localized but can expand from the base of my skull to the middle of my shoulder blade at times. It seems to have a life of its own. Oddly if I apply pressure with my fingers to the problem area, I can make it stop for a few minutes and then it returns. Its ALWAYS there during the day and on occasion can become painful to some degree. I have learned to block at the sensation temporarily when busy with work. its there I just have learned to ignore it for a short period of time.
I have also had to contend with unusual leg cramps waking me up several times a night which started about the same time. It even happened while I in the movie theatre. I don't think I have had any leg cramps in the past 50 years that I can remember, now they are a nightly occurrence.
So its discouraging that no one has been able to find out what is causing this problem. Obviously there is something wrong and we sound like we have similar experiences. I will update this site if I learn anything more.
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