Hi all im new and from the uk.

I have tmj on my left, when I eat it makes a noise and pop's when I open to far, I also think it's one of the causes of my tinnitus, moving my jaw alters the tinnitus. I have booked the dentist and got a 7th march appointment. How should I explain this to the dentist?, will he give me a mouth splint?.

Any help apreciated, thanks.

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replied February 8th, 2006
Hi ellish,
a bite splint or mouth guard sounds like the best treatment to begin with. It definitely has the highest success rate. Please do not consider surgery. I have not heard of one person that was helped by surgery in the long run. For now, eat only a soft food, no-chew diet. Use lots of moist heat or ice and do not open you mouth wide for anything. Do lots of research and the following websites are excellent sources of info:




http://dmoz.Org/health/dentistry/condition s_and_diseases/temporomandibular_joint_syn drome/

http://consensus.Nih.Gov/1996/1996temporom andibulardisorders018html.Htm

take care and I hope the appointment on march 7th goes well. If the dentist does make a bite splint for you, make sure to give it at least a months try. There are several different kinds of bite splints and it can be difficult to know which kind is the best for you, and remember - a bite splint is as good as the bite splint maker.

I pray all will go well.
God bless...
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replied February 8th, 2006
Thanks carol, I will keep you updated! :d .
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