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Tight Head?

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Ok guys, another question... For awhile, i've been having this thing where if I sit down for awhile, and stand back up fast, I get this feeling of tightness in my neck, and it pulsates up to the back of my head. When I run for awhile and really tire myself out, I can feel and hear my heartbeat in the back of my head, and this is horrifying me... But this only seems to happen when i'm really depressed, or really tore up. It still happens when i'm not, but not half as bad. Like today, I was laying down for about an hour, and had to get up quickly to answer the phone. When I got up quickly (had been upset before laying down) I felt that pain in the back of my head/neck like a tightness or throbbing, and it seriously worries me.... I don't want to have an anyuresm or anything... I want to know if anxiety can cause this, thanks!
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replied February 3rd, 2006
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I have this, mine is a constant throbbing that does not stop, no matter what. It gets worse when I stand up quickly or exercise to. My physician said he is 100% positive it is all related to my anxiety.

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