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Am I Abusing Adderal and Losing Too Much Weight at the Same

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Help..? confusedddd

Heres my story..

Im 15..5 ft 3. I have ADD/ADHD and im on 25mg..soon to be 30mg of Adderall.

ive been onon it for about 5 or 6 months now but i started off wiht 10 mg -15mg of Focolin til i became practically suicidal and got put on 10 mg of adderal and gradually got the dose raised from their.

this is the thing 2 years ago i say True life on mtv about being addicted to adderal.. i ddint know i was add at the time.. but i know the drug seemed cool becasue you lost weight..

when i was diagnosed and put on adderal..i was ina way excited because i remembered what i herd about the drug and the weight loss even tho at that time i was about 135 or 140 and wasnt fat at all..but i wanted to lose weight..

yeh well losing weight was cool and still is..but sum one accused me of being anerexic..not cool..and im going to say ina way i wud say im sort of addicted..but im not sure..? i mean..

wehn i forget to take it i get crazy..i get m0ody restless meann physcoo madd and wayy emotional..? i hate i look back and iw as never liek that ehn i wasnt on it ..i depend on ti now.. for school alot..but wayyy more for my moods. Ive only forgotten it liek 3 times..and one of those days i threw a badd fit..? over nothing i threw stuff screaminggg hit my mom and brotherrr and i didnt even think about it till the next dayy..? and i felt so bad.. i need adderall now or else i would probably be in juvy or something.. i was never liek this before i got put on it.. WHen im on it it liek controlls mee.

I love that i can go days wihtout eating though..and lose weight..
i now weigh about 115..? thats liek -20 pounds in 5-6 months..and its so noticeable..i dont even play sports right now..when i started adderal i was playing a sport and got down to 105-110..

i heard it can cause anerexia....i wudint say i am turing anerexic but then again i feel leik i am liek sometimes i think about eating but im not even hungry n then i jsut decided to not eat..even tho i havent eatin since the morning of the day before.. i thought anerexia was more mental liek thats wat ur making ur self do is not eat.. II jsut dont have an appetite.. i dont kno what going on..i no its normal ..its really scarey but i love losing weigh..maybe it is mentally for me..idk?

*ina way i guess im sort of using adderal as my weight loss too?..i mean yeh i deff need it for sch0oll..and even more nowww since i freakin started this dumb shyt..butt i cant stop asking to have it raiseddd its so i need it most of all for these stupid moods now..godd*

onece i passed out..well balcked out but not really i fell down andd was tlakign to my mom the whole time i was fallning .. its like everything went black and then next thing i no is im ont he floor looking up at mi mom.. and the whole time i was fallig i was screaming er mi mom to help me n to make it stopp..but idk shes said it was probably cuz i needed to eat..
but she doesnt know how long i go wihtout eating..

or in school.. a freind will make me laguh but soometimes its ot the point wehre im jsut laughing a regualr laugh..giggle chuckle..and ig et light headed n dizzy n fall..? idk wats up wiht that..

it scares me alot sometimes but i know that if i got takin off it ..i coulnt control myself.. im getting my does raised..idk y actrually i jsut amm

Insomnia-yeh got that.. i sit up til about 3-4am ..doing everything to try n fall asleep..nothing works..then i have to get up at 630 for school..and i actually feel alright ..?

i dont liek having rages of being emotional and mad.. im afraid if i got takin off it i wudd..hurt myself worse ..some how?

i dont knwo and ii heard that some kids have suddenly died..?

and that adderall is off the market in canada..?

what if it gets taken off the market in US..what am i going to do

i feel leik ima ll alone on this..liek no one can underatnd wat im going through..i mean its not jsut a pill that can help me concentrate liek i thought it was..

it !**@! u up mentally ..andd makes u addicted.. it makes me lose tonz of weight and idk..

i just need someone whoo goes through the same kidn of thingsss and idkk im so confused about myself rihgt now.. im scared im going to b liek this the rest of my life..

i dont want o have to go to drug abuse classes or not abusing it really..mi docs perscribing not taking more then wat im tol d 2..neverrr ever..

everyday i feel leik im becoming more dependant on thsi stuff..

and then..sometimes i sit in sch0ol and then it suddenly feels liek im in a dream and nothings real and its all slow motion..and when i finially snap out of it..i think to myself" does anyone else ever feel liek that" its pretty insane.


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replied February 20th, 2006
Addiction, Recovery Answer A351
Adderal belongs to the group of psycho-simulative drugs named "amphetamines". Adderal is used for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). All amphetamines, including Adderal, decrease appetite and cause weight loss, insomnia and invite abuse. According to your age, sex, height and my calculations you should be around 55kg. Since you are 52kg, you don’t need to lose any more weight! Someone is anorexic if one doesn’t eat, doesn’t have menstruations (for girls) and if one loses more than 10% of ideal body weight (according to age, sex, and height). For now, you are not anorexic but you will become so if you continue an abnormal diet. All amphetamines, including Adderal, cause abuse and psychic dependency if not used properly. Your case is very close to be verified as abuse. You need expert help from a mental health professional to seek treatment for possible drug-abuse and emotional support if you are ready to confront this challenge.
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