One morning when I woke, I noticed that I had bruises on the tip and side of my penis. I also had a bruise on my inner thigh. The bruises seem to fade and come back. The bruise on my inner thigh does not fade or go away. Any comments? Confused
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replied December 28th, 2003
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You may be anemic, go to the doc and ask about iron pills!

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replied March 3rd, 2009
In response to the bruising, I’ve been using this stuff on my kids for a while that’s been working great. They both play soccer so they get cuts and bruises on their legs often, not to mention they’re just generally rough when they play. I was reffered to this stuff called bruiseMD (b r u I s e m d . c o m) by another mother at school. The ingredients are all natural and it works quickly so it’s a great bruise remedy. Hope that helps!
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