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Helicopter Virus/peptic Ulcer

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In febuary 2005 I got a virus everyone at work had it the usual vommiting and diarehea symtoms. Except mine never seemed to go away. I went to the gp who felt sure it would clear up after clear blood test resualts for liver fucnction ect.
Every morning I would wake with terrible stomach aches and dearehea and vommiting. Vommiting bile as I hadn't even eaten any thing. I would expreience hot flushes and nausea for most of the morning recovering in the after noon.
By june the diahrea had stopped but I still experience reflux and vommiting ,and nausea in the morning. I did a breathe test to see if I i had the helicopter virus and this came back positive so I was treated with the antibiotic treatment.
For about 2 weeks I was fine and then it returned to waking and feeling nauseas and vommiting and burping.
I had a gastrophy and a colonoscopy in november which showed an irritated stomach but nothing, the ulcer has been irradicated but I have the symptoms
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replied January 8th, 2008
hya i have that it really pain full cant eat or drink not sleeping at all plzz give me information on it plzz Crying or Very sad
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replied March 20th, 2012
not "helicopter" and not "virus"
H. pylori is NOT a virus, it's a bacteria. Big difference, there. And it's NOT "helicopter", it's Helicobacter. It may have been associated with an episode of "flu" at work, or perhaps somebody at work infected with H. pylori inoculated others by contaminating something (at an office party, perhaps). H. pylori has been shown to cause ulcers (~95% of gastric ulcer pts test positive) but also stomach cancers. Best to get re-tested, with perhaps another round of treatment, but also ask your doctor about having a look to see if perhaps an ulcer has become something more serious. Early detection gives one a better chance of survival.
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