About three months ago I started feeling funny. I was having upper right abdominal pain and nasea and back pain. I was the type of person that had to be dragged to the doctor when I was sick. But I knew something was wrong with me so I went to the doctor. He said that it was just pulled muscles and made me feel stupid for thinking anything else. I believed him at first but the symptoms kept coming back. I went to doctor after doctor. They told me anything from pulled muscles to stress to vaginal infection. Mostly they told me it was stress. Finally, I got a doctor to do a ct. He spotted gallstones. I had laparascopic surgery. Ever since my surgery, I have been having problems. I have these headaches. When they come on I feel extremely tired and dizzy and disoriented then my chest starts to hurt and feel very heavy. Sometimes I have back pain. I have been to the doctor or e.R. About everyother week. Alot of times on the weekends I end up feeling like i'm going to die and I go to the emergency room. There is never anything wrong with me. I think my family doctor thinks i'm crazy. He tells me it is anxiety. It just seems like I can't control it. I am constantly thinking about my health and my symptoms and what terrible disease I could have. When I try not to think about it, it only makes it worse. The headaches and such seem to come on out of nowhere though, when I sit down at night and I am doing nothing. Does anyone know what could be wrong with me? Is it some kind of mental disorder, anxiety, ......?
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replied February 14th, 2006

i think your doctor is right about your anxiety. Stress and anxiety will destroy you physically and mentally. Don't let anxiety take control of you. It did for me until I fought it. Try taking on new responsibilities at work or take on new hobbies. Take on something that will occupy your mind. You have to be very strong and it's important to have a person that will listen to you when you need him/her to. What really worked for me, like a miracle, was starting an exercise routine. When you exercise, you can feel all the bad feelings leave your body. It's like a type of cleansing.
Just think: life is too short to worry about everything. Don's sweat the small things.

Hope that helps
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