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I Tried to Go to the Bathroom And I Can't Go

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I;ve been having this problem for a while but didn't really think about it too much I just brushed it aside but now it is becoming annoying
tonihgt I ate dinner then I went to the bathroom(just number 1) like 1 or 2 times now it is 1 am( I ate dinner at 6p,{6 banana's}) I can feel the food disgesting b ut my body just told me yhou hoav ve to go to thee bathroom(#1)
so I get up to go sit on the toiliet and like 3 drops come out and my bladder can feel pressure it feels like there is water inside my bladder that wants to go but can't it is so fustrating it is still feeling this right now as I am typing this. I know if I get up and try to go the bathroom the same thing will happen what'ts going on do you think m y colon is out of plkaxce and putting too much pressure on my bladder
please leave any ideas or stories here
thank you :roll:
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