Hi !

I have a serious question for my mom. She's caught something a while ago, and its sort of "mushroom" on her scalp ! Its white and it actually grows along her hair and even makes her losing her hair because of it, its really scary ! Its just on 2 spots of her head but still, its actually really gross because its a hard mushroom (all dry and so) and grows at her roots and along her hair...

She already tried so many treatments and made loads of tests but none is able to tell her what it is or even to bother to make researches... What kind of doctors do we have today ?! Its really sad !

Can anyone help me/my mom or give me other links to places in the web where someone could help ?

Thanks in advance (even if I doubt i'll get an answer, not many threads have replies here... :( )
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replied February 5th, 2006
So your mother has taken all the steps in seeing doctors and dermatologists and such? If you would post a picture, maybe it could be found over the internet.
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