Ok, I have been going out with my gf for almost 4 months, and she is my first true love, but the first month we were together she was cheating on her ex who she didnt even like... Well, while I was waiting for her to break up with him, she kept on telling me we were going to be together and all of this stuff, and that just made me fall in love with her... She invited me everywhere she went, I went to her house all the time, we spent all the time together... Then I got tired of sharing so I kept on asking her to break up with him, cuz it broke my heart when she was with me and him at the same time... Well, around oct. She broke up with him to be with me... At first it was going perfect... Found out she was in love with me, etc... Well, lately, we bearly do anything, I only see her during school and she never wants to spend time with me outside of school, and she says that "she dont want us to spend so much time together cuz then we would get sick of each other" well, the thing is that we talk on the phone 24/7 and she is the one that calls me, and that just makes me wanna be around her even more... Well, that is not even half of the story...

All I want her to do is for her to tell me she loves me... Not every minute but atleast once a day... I just wanna feel loved cuz back when she was still with that other guy she was always all over me, holding my hand, squeezing me tight, holding me like if there is no tommorow... But now she bearly squeezes me like she use to, she never says that she loves me, I am always da one all over her... It just aint the same... She says she loves me but she just dont say it, but the way she's been acting lately might as well not love me at all, cuz I cant even tell... All I want her to do is to love me like if there were no tommorow again, cuz that just makes me feel like i'm on top of the world, I want more me and her time where there is no one around so she can pay 100% attention to me like she use to... To comfort me like she use to cuz i've been crying recently cuz it aint the same no more... And to finally say "i love you too"...
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replied January 28th, 2006
The only thing you can do really...Is confront her about it. Although it isn't easy cause there is a possibility she will turn round and tell you it isn't working for her, but surely having closure and being able to get over her is better than all this that you are going through now. Tell her how your feeling and if she dismisses it you know that she doesn't feel the same and in that case...You deserve better. No one should have to settle for second best and if you are you should end it. When she was with the other guy you were "new" and "exciting" something untouchable because she shouldnt have been with you. A lot of girls are like that (not sexist am a girl myself) what you've also got to see is she started with you while in the process oflying to someone else who she must hav thought something of as she was in a relationship with him...Just make sure she doesn't turn around and do the same thing to you thats all

take care
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replied January 31st, 2006
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Please don't take this to offence my friend, but you began badly from the beginning. To be with someone whose cheating on another partner is quite hurtful. Have you ever have that happen to you? It's very breaking; I know you say you've fallen for her so I understand that. But you've got to see that it was a little rocky at the start. And the fact that one minute whilst still attached to this other partner she was very 'clingy' with you, now she's almost distant from you, suggests that maybe that extra contact was almost like using you. I'm sorry, but i've seen it, felt it, and experienced. Your building high expectations of this girl like I have done with b/f's of my own. But at the end of the day, if she did something liek that, then really whose to say that she's not with someone else now?

You deserve a lot better, cause you sounds such a sweet guy. Play it cool; I know it's nice to have someone say that 'i love you', but unfortunately, words aren't as powerful when they don't have a menaing behind it.

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