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Bleeding While On the Pill

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Hi everyone,
im in need of some advice. I had a baby about 7 months ago and I started on the pill almost straight away as I didnt want to get pregnant again. My first three months I was bleeding like a normal period, I spoke to the doctor and he said that it was normal and is because my hormones are everywhere after having a baby. Well I have kept taking it right through skipping my sugar tablets as I didnt want my period back for at least a month or 2.
Well after the first 3 months the bleeding subsided, then I missed a pill and got my period almost straight away I decided to come off the pill for a couple of days to let my body have like a normal bleed. This worked fine and the bleeding stopped within a couple of days. Unfortunately I mucked up the next month and you guessed it got bleeding again. I started the pack at the start of jan and decided I would take it at the same time everyday, the bleeding stopped and was good for 3 days then I got it back again and it has been going since tuesday with no signs of stopping.
Do you think this is because the pill I am taking is too weak for my body or is it because I didnt take it correctly for the last 3 months.
I have never had these problems before and the bleeding all the time even while I still keep taking the pill is driving me nuts.
Should I stop taking it for a couple of days and restart?
Please any advice would really help.
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