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Clicking/popping In Low Back/sacrum

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I have had ddd at two levels l4/l5 & l5/s1 for the past 3 years. Only recently (within the last month) have I noticed that my sacral area/lumbar spine will pop when I hang doing pull ups or I can manually pop myself if I get myself in the right position to do so. I was just wondering because i'm worried about it being an unstable vertebrae but 2 of my doctors think that isn't the case. There is no tenderness in the area nor extreme discomfort, but more so muscle pain in the ql region. Have any of you all ever had this? I have been receiving vax-d off and on for the past 2 years now and my chiro thinks it might be because i've finally realigned my low back but due to the ddd the facets crack/pop frequently and or the ligaments in my low back have been stretched and are now looser then before. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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replied January 28th, 2006
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:?: :?: total mystery to me. Hopefully someone here will have something constructive for you.
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replied January 30th, 2006
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It sounds as though you are doing your own si joint manipulation. I do not know much about vax-d other than it is a commercial on tv all the time and the folks promoting it call it a miracle machine that cure back pain.

I do not know and I am not interested in trying that thing out. I have had the charite artificial lumbar disc implanted at l5/s1 and as far as something like that goes, the ligamets are streched really far out of place to get the intervertebral space open and accessible enough to do the laminectomy and the arthroplasty and then once the ligamet is released to the original position, it is fine. I do not believe that you can over stretch your spinal ligamets so that they do not keep stability of the spine.

There is a chance that the disc spaces have become more comprimised and so there is an instability at that point but that is unlikly as well.

If your docs do not seem concrned and you are not having pains that are disabling, and you are physically fit, I would think it is prudent to continue excersising and maintain your strength.
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replied August 8th, 2013
im not medically savvy like you all seem to be, but I have this exact same problem, and after having visited several massage therapists, plus chiropractor and osteopath and doctor, i am none the wiser as to what the cause is. No-one seems to know really. I get aches only on the left side of my sacrum and if i lie down and push down on my pelvis to stretch out my torso, or if i sit in a standard office chair and rest all my weight on my arms by grabbing the arm rests, then let me torso sink down into the empty space above the seat, then I can manually pop 'something' in my sacrum region. I frequently get multiple pops using the office chair. Also, if I lean over to the right at the hip, I often feel a tension in the sacrum, and if I slowly continue to bend laterally from the hip to the right, then it will pop and something will 'release', giving me some relief.

I have a triangular shaped puffiness in my skin in my sacral region that may be related. I've had this all my adult life, but this last 5-6 yrs it seems puffier (im 39 male). Problems started in earnest when i visited an osteopath and he tried to do hip re-alignment on me 4 or so yrs ago. Had problems ever since.
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