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Have I Had the Flu For 3 Months?

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I have a low immune system, and this year it seems that i've had aches, sniffles, cough, etc., forever.

I did get a flu shot about a month ago (because of the severity scare) but it didn't seem to make a difference.
I've only had a day or two that i've felt able to even go shopping --
at least on christmas I was ok.

The doc is wondering if this is fibromyalgia, which i've found on this site under 'mental disorders'!! Or 'lupus'. Hello!
I know there are lots of folks with fibro, maybe we could compare symptoms.
Anyone feeling like I am?
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replied February 5th, 2004
Flu For 3 Months
I've had the same thing...At least your doctor is considering other things. Mine just tell me to get more rest or take more antibiotics (which don't work). I've been resting more than ever, drinking water, taking vitamins, nothing is working!

I have a history of being pretty susceptible to colds and uris and I get joint aches and go through periods of fatigue that just really take me down. I'm looking for answers as well - other than, i'm a busy mother of three...And I need to slow down!
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replied January 30th, 2012
I am coming out of a 3month flu as well. Was bad for first 2 weeks and then felt awful off and on for 3months (today). I am feeling decent but I still can't get my body temperature to stay up and hard work still really taking it out of me. Everyday is getting better though and it seems its taking about as long to come out of it as it did to get into it so it may be yet another month before I feel back to normal. I found that drinking elderberry (sambucus) extract made me feel much better but hasn't shortened the ordeal.

My theory is that it is so bad because your are either being infected by multiple strains of influenza at once or you did something that let the virus get deep deep deep into your tissues. For me it all started after I got food poisoning, then felt good for a week, then had to clean out a nasty moldly basement with mildewed furniture. Thats when I think I got it all in me.
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