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Well I think I started my af on the 21st but it the bleeding only came out in small amounts on a pad. Like not enough to fill one throughout the day. My breast never hurt during my period and if they do have some discomfort it always happeneds a few days before my period starts. But they started hurting really really bad on the 23rd and had this tingly feeling every so often. I stopped having the blood that was bright red and pink on the 25th. And my breast still hurt very bad. I thought I was pregnant before this bleeding occurred because on the 16th I had some spotting that went away the same day. And I had unprotected sex when I was fertile. Is there any chance that im pregnant, I dont want to waste anymore money on pregnancy test unless there is still a possibility that I am. I only tested once when I had the spotting but my friend said there wasnt enough hgc yet because it took her 2 months before it showed up on a blood test...

What do you think? Could I be?

Thanks for your help!!
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replied January 26th, 2006
Anyone?? :)
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replied January 27th, 2006
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Could be. That could be implantation bleeding which happens around the same time of your period. I would test if you think you are preggy but if you are worried about spending more money, then call your doctor and make an appt. Or just ask the nurse for some advice. Good luck!
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replied January 28th, 2006
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Implantation bleeding doesnt last for four days, but I have heard of women still having a period when pregnant. I think implantation bleeding would happen 10 days after conception and if you would even notice it it would be a very small amount. I totally feel you on the not wanting to spend the $$ on aonother pregnancy test. I have been ttc for about 5 months and I have probably bought about ten pregnancy tests, lol. Because sometimes I didnt believe the first one! Also I think sometimes when we women are ttc we can see and feel signs of pregnancy all the time, but most of the time I think it is just wishful thinking. If your breast tenderness/pains dont go away you might want to call your obgyn's office and talk to the nurse. Tell her your concerns and ask her if she thinks that there might be a need to come in.
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