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Does It Have to Hurt? - Genital Herpes

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I'm curious because i've come to notice a rash below the head of my penis. It's just red dots and some minor reddening of the skin around each. The dots aren't bumps, they do not protrude or bust open like the symptoms i've read about genital herpes. They are reoccuring though, most often after recieving oral sex but not an assured aftereffect. The dots don't hurt or burn or itch or anything of that sort. Could it be a reaction to my partner's saliva or maybe just broken vessels from the suction? What else could cause these symptoms?

Thanks for any info you can provide.
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replied February 4th, 2009
look up the factors at a sub level i found the strain or viru finds its way to your nerve stems and clamps on to them all over and stay dormant for however long considering the strength of the virus ( i hope virus is the right word ) anyways i learned what my doctor did not bother to tell me .....
In a complex interaction between proteins at a cellar level ... the RNA (machines ) usually in a sense are like security guards at that level and keep these invaders in hiding clutched on to the nerve stems .
When there is enough damage done to your skin in those areas (at a cellular leval)they send alerts to the proteins to mass and b ready for a healing process ..
when this happens the RNA machines are overwhelmed with such chaos that some of these invaders find a chance to release and start there
infection by attacking the skin cells .So its not her saliva its the friction caused by the movement to a degree of damage even small little unseen cuts or scrapes could cause such a reaction .
its almost as if it were designed to keep us from touching the area...but this is another show for OPERHA
I found that alot of sex or just..... a couple sessions of masturbation with the wrong lotion can cause enough cellular damage to awaken the invaders.
I personally have found that with constant awareness and respect for the ADVERSARY within me have improved my condition
I must say though ...that it has changed my life forever ....and being single with this condition is to say the least a nightmare .
If you have a great relationship and are willing to learn ass much as you can about this condition Its worth it cause there are worse conditions out there........... all around us
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