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Sore Throat, Earache And Painful Headaches


i've been sick for almost 8 weeks now with sore throats, earaches, bad headaches and just feeling down. I've been given antibiotics and they didnt do much, I still feel sick. I'm having a blood test next monday but does this sound like glandular fever?? I would like some help from anyone on here about this!
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replied March 7th, 2006
Ear Ache Sore Throat General Run Down
i have had this have been off work now for 3 weeks still not 100% bad throat, labrythnitis( inner ear infection) bad head, sinus problems stiff neck and general weakness lack of energy tired all time. Have been on antibiotics for two weeks throat still quite sore, neck tender and feel washed out. Will be going back to gp this friday 9/3/06 but feel they are useless as they have referred me back to ent so out of their hands. Living in london they time you in the gp surgery and don't even examine you all this was related from me presenting myself to a & e the previous monday when I had been to gp and he said nowt wrong with ear at the time (which obviously there was)!! Had very bad sickness and balence was all over the place. Generally very pissed of with ent hospital and gp and nhs as feel pressured into returning back to work when still not 100% but symtoms not resolved. Anyway I wish you well it could be glandular fever for if you are young blood test would quickly confirm. If it is rest!! Rest!!! Rest!!! Plenty of fluids and icecream and don't rush back to study/work!! Kind regards david cassidy london uk
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