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Negative Masterbation Effects

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I'm wondering, is it possible to cause harm to the penis by masterbating? I tried asking this before and it has seemed to gone unanswered. I am only sexually active with one person (my wife) we have both been tested, so i'm ruling out std's.

The problem I see is some inflammation just below the head, sort of to the left side and underneath where some of that wrinkled excess skin is. It's hard to describe, kind of like a bubble, it simply looks swollen and is about the size of a kidney bean. It's not red and it's only painful if squeezed. It doesn't hurt during sex. I noticed that below the skin there is a long, but thin lump, which i'm also thinking could just be caused by masterbating too hard and sometimes my wife is kind of rough with it. As a side note, i'm 24.

If someone has any comments, i'd sure like to hear them.
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replied January 23rd, 2006
If you do it alot you can cause some swelling not bad tho, that sounds a lil dif and you might wanna go to the doctors or stop for a while and see wats up
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