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Hey I was curious as to if hpv is detected in pap smears or if you have to get a blood test.....I go to college at jsu and I get my pap smears done on campus at the infirmary, and I know they don't have the lab to do hiv tests, but are annual pap smears enough to detect hpv?
Carrie taylor
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replied December 27th, 2003
Hpv Detection
Most often hpv goes undiagnosed. It is hard for doctors to detect hpv, especially in men, however, pap smears is the most common way to detect it in women. I know for instance, that when I found out I had hpv, my bf went to get tested, and oddly enough, there was nothing there. But to answer your question, mine was detected through an annual pap smear. But always remember that there are several types of hpv, there are the genital warts and also the cancer causing kind. So unless you know you've been exposed to it, a pap smear should be adequate. Although, a blood test probably wouldn't hurt. I'm no doctor so you might want to consult your physician on this one. But to play it safe, make sure to have a routine pap smear once a year & use a condom!!! People can carry the virus for 5-10 years without any symptoms !! Be careful !! Cool

cheers !
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