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A month or so ago I was working at an ice cream store here in my home town. The work was not very heavy; I didn't have to lift the buckets of ice cream, and I never had to move around much.

I've always had headaches... They are something my family has lived with back many generations. What happened one day at work though, was much different. I was scooping out ice cream and I felt dizzy suddenly and my nose started bleeding. Immediately I felt what can only be described as a 'popping' feeling in the back of my skull, right at the base on the left side. The headache that happened right afterward was so intense that I fell into the ice-cream bucket. I couldn't see, even though my eyes were open, and I felt a ringing in my ears. The feeling passed in about 1 minute or so. I was fairly dizzy after that, but nothing you wouldn't expect after hanging upside down for a little while.

Though the pain was gone, I had an odd 'trickling' feeling at the back of my neck, and a tightness that wouldn't go away. I let the pain off, thinking that if it happened again, then it would be serious enough to see a doctor about.

It happened again about 3 days later, when I was walking up the stairs. The pain was so intense that I fell down, and nearly tumbled down the stairs. Again the pain was gone in only a minute, but I had the odd trickling sensation and tightness for hours after that. When I would exert myself during that time where the tightness and trickling was present, I would feel pressure building up at the left side of the base of my skull. I knew that if I were to push myself any further I would hurt again.

I went do a doctor who thought that I might have an aneurism. He told me to take plenty of vitamin c (apparently it strengthens blood vessels), and that if it happened again to go to the hospital right away.

When it happened again I did what he said. After hours of waiting, I finally got some blood work and testing done. The cat scans (or was it an mri...) came up negative, and my doctor never did contact me with the blood results, which makes me think that the blood tests were negative, too. I made sure not to exert myself (whenever I did the tightness would come back) and now, as I said, I have been alright for a month or so.

I had two of those explosions today, which has never happened before. I have that trickling feeling and tightness at my skull. I am also dizzy, and my nose keeps on bleeding for no reason. I don't know what the problem is, but I am afraid that if I go to the hospital it will come up with nothing again, and my trip will be pointless. I'd just rather not spend the money and have no results yet again.

Is there anyone who knows what the problem may be? Should I see my doctor again? Should I go strait to the hospital?
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replied July 23rd, 2008
Especially eHealthy
Go see a doctor!!!!
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