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Sore Groin

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Tryied asking this to the doctor but I kept on getting post errors so i'll post it here.

My groin is sore around my right testicle. When I can feel what seems like an enlarged vien on my testicle and when I lie down and lift my pelvis up I can see a soft squdgy lump appear under the scrotum when it's pushed against it. Ive read somewhere about a condition that can be cause by injuries that you can get a varacous vien or sack of fluid form, usually both at the same time. The discomfort only happens when the testicles are hanging down. A few years ago I was hit pretty hard in the groin and the discomfort has been off and on since then but recently it's been unconfortable for a couple of weeks. I think it could be because I have been walking alot more recently as I have just started university and lectures are 30min walk away. Could walking cause the discomfort to appear? Thanks for any help.
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