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Hello everyone,

how is everyone doing? I am doing great but today so far I woken up with a dream trying to tell me something but I don't expected it.. Its like a dr trying to tell me not to have sex for 6wks.. So and again I was woken up with a message going through my head saying that youre pregnant..

Whats a possible chance.. I mean I have sore breast (upper) and sometime cramps but really I wouldn't get no symtpoms of it til later in the pregnancy because I was pregnant once... And trying for number two.

Let me know, thanks
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replied January 23rd, 2006
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Well statisticly-from what I have read, an average fertile couple only hasz about a 25% chance of conceiving in any given month- even if you have sex every day.

I almost always remember my dreams and while I do believe that dreams can have meaning and give us a message- they arent always meaning exactly what you would think.

For example, I once had a dream I fell into a swimming pool and I couldnt swim to the surface in time to take a breath. When I tried to gasp for air (still underwater) I realized I could breath under water. It was so cool to just swim all around and be able to breath. I have no idea what this means but someone told me it meant that I am capable of doing things that I thought I couldnt do and it was saying to have confidence in myself- or something like that.

I have strange dreams alot. When I was pregnant I had many dreams that I was breast feeding and in one dream I was breast feeding my pet ferret. I know its funny! I guess since I dont have any kids ( had misscariage) I my pets are like my children.

Dreams are a funny thing.
Maybe you could try a dream journal.
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