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I had a portion of my pancreas removed (due to enlarging benign tumor) just over a year ago. Recovery was ups and downs but continued to get better. However, I have continued to need a lot of water, urinate frequently, and am extremely unfunctional (feel like my brain just doesn't work, can't focus/concentrate/converse properly) if I dont get enough sleep; also occurs (though more minorly) when I don't eat healthy enough (am generally very healthy) or get enough exercise. Also, for the past 5 months, I get mild to severe yeast infections every month.

Now I feel like i'm facing something more immanent. Within the past week or so, i've been having pain in my upper right quadrant. Not extreme, more achey and extremely annoying--have wanted to put pressure on it, though it doesn't really help. My urine has been very dark for at least the same amount of time, perhaps longer. Had a severe bout of diarrhea for about 24 hours yesterday--a first--and my stomach still seems queezy. Seems to be that once I eat, I lose it fairly soon after.

Also been having (for quite a few months) a tenderness (like a bruise) that moves around my right ribcage. Sometimes very tender to the touch, sometimes just achey & want to massage it, though it doesn't bring much relief. It moves around my entire rib cage.

In looking into these things, they seem like the could possibly be different things. Gallstones are hereditary in my family & sybling & mother had gallbladders removed in the past year. I recently lost my health insurance (and am the process of trying to get another) so i'm trying to find ways to identify what it is and ways to control them (been trying to get into yoga & perhaps use natural methods, though not quite familiar enough yet).

Any thoughts--your experiences or perhaps advice--would be extremely appreciated.

Blessings to all of you!
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replied January 22nd, 2006
If you had part of your pancreas removed last year, i'm assuming that you had a ct scan or some type of x-ray. Do you know if it showed gallstones? If you don't know, you should get a copy of the report from your doctor or the lab. Of course, you could have developed gallstones in the past year.

You really need to see a doctor if the pain and other symptoms continue.