i am a 25 yr female with past heart problems. I had to have my sa node partialy ablated due to my heart reaching 250 bpm. I have been put on flecainide since I was 17 years old to control arrythmias.
Friday I woke up and could feel my heart misfiring and was getting sick went to work and by night I could not stand it. I was having tons of palpitations and went to the er. The er said I was having vt and gave me o2 and inderal la(antiarrythmic) upped my flec to 2x day, gave me valium to control the tacacardia. I was told that all blood work was normal and to go to my cardiologist asap.
Just went to my cardiologist and he said the er misdaignosed me. I should not be on inderal. My ekg showed potassiom deficency as well as my blood work. I just went to my family doc to find the underlying cause of the defeciency and feel helpless.
They gave me potssiom supplements, but I had to see the pa today. She said a cold or some virus is causing me to feel ill?! She also said in the office if I was anxious when I was in the hospital or cardiologist bc they wrote that in my chart that I "looked" anxious. I said to her no I feel like crap from being misdiagnosed and having missed beats. I am not stressed/depressed.
Should I try to get in tomorow with my family doc? Can stress cause hypokelemia and atrial premature beats? I read that there is an underlying cause for this on the internet and she felt I had some cold virus.
Please someone let me know :cry: I am feeling sick and am getting told by the pa i'm crazy
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replied February 15th, 2006
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I know that potassium (hypokalemia is a bellow average amount of k+ in the blood) has a direct influence on the hearts ability to pump (its electrical pulse). So it makes logical sense that your docs and trying to raise your potassium levels as by not having enough or having too much is not good for you.
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replied June 18th, 2010
I can relate. I was caring for my teenage daughter who was pregnant and she was having premature labor frequently. I was anxious, depressed, and agitated. My husband who I was separated from started refusing my phone calls. He got a TRO against me and had me arrested when I still called him for help. I spent 2 weeks in jail, lost where I lived, lost my 2 dogs that I had for 14 years, all of my belongings, and my younger children were put in foster care. Turns out that I had psychosis due to hypokelemia. It got to a life threatening level before it was detected (2.4...severe and rare). I was seen in the ER when I was arrested but no one bothered to check my electrolytes, although I was psychotic in my behavior. I was given haldol when I was in prison but of course it did nothing because I wasn't in a mental health crisis...I was having a medical crisis! I woke up after receiving potassium IV and orally. That only happened because I got to the point where my legs were paralyzed due to my lack of potassium. No one should have to go through this. No, you are not crazy. Low potassium causes anxiety, aggitation, irritability, depression, aggressive, combative behavior, confusion, psychosis, and then cardiac arrest.
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