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ganoderma lucidum

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It is sad to read, hear and see people just fall out to this disease. Back to good old days where our ancestors ate more natural foods there were not many such problems.

I have had a very severe chronic gout for more than 20yrs. And that drugs came to no effect. I discovered and have been using wild lingzhi (reishi is known to japanese) as nutritional herb for more than 10yrs. I reversed my gout gradually to no attack and never take any drugs for same period. I use wild lingzhi also to treat other problems - a truly health companion for my family. Know what you take. Take sliced wild lingzhi not cultivated one. Although out of 10,000 dead tree trunks only few will grow but the plants have high nutritional level.

Go to lingzhi website (ganoderma lucidum) to find more.
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replied January 22nd, 2006
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I am glad to hear that it helped you as well. I went to visit my friend last week-end and it was amazing to see his father doing well and have all of his senses. I recalled when I last saw him, he had minor paralysis and speech impairment due to his metastasis brain tumors. They showed me the x-rays and scans taken 2 months apart and I was stunned to see the tumors shrank in size !!! He apparently only had radiotherapy for his brain tumors and nothing was done to his lungs yet. They have selected not to undergo chemotherapy for the lungs until the next scan session as the reishi intake is very promising.
I have done my own research on the subject and these days some of the cultivated ones have equal nutritional level as the wild ones. The ones approved by the japan reishi association must meet strict guidelines for quality and potency.
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replied February 6th, 2010
I Have seen first hand what Reishi mushrooms, and a lot of other mushrooms can do. Maitake Mushrooms ended my dad's 5 year battle with fibromyalgia. Where prescription drugs had no effect

The list in this video, is i think so far what medicinal mushrooms researchers have attributed beneficial to which ailments and diseases.
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