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Homeopathic Remedy For Urinary Tract Infections

Homeo cure for urinary tract infections

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what is urinary infection
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burning and difficulty while passing urine are a couple of symptoms experienced by many at some part of our lives in some degree or the other. It is only when this becomes a little recurrent that it can be a real trouble.

What is urinary system?

 urinary tract or system consists of kidneys, ureters, bladder and the urethra.
 the function of the kidneys is to remove liquid waste from the blood, keep a balance of salts in the body and produce a hormone to stimulate production of red blood cells.
 ureters are fine tubes through which the urine passes from the kidneys into the bladder where it is stored and in a while emptied through the urethra.

What is urinary infection?

The bacteria causing urinary tract infections multiply in the urethra and spread along the whole system.

If it is restrained to the urethra it is called urethritis and if spreads to the bladder called as cystitis. The connection between the ureters and bladder has a mechanism wherein the flow of urine is prevented to go back into the kidneys. But if it does it is called as pyelonephritis and is severe and serious and demands immediate attention and treatment.

Causes of urinary infections:

 normal urine contains fluids, salts and waste products but is free of bacteria. But in a few people the most common bacteria causing the urinary infections escherichia coli usually found in the digestive tract may finds it way to the urethra and start multiplying causing the infection.
 staphylococcus is another cause of infection. Mycoplasma and chlamydiae can cause similar infection and can pass due to sexual intercourse if one of them is infected with the same.
 in some women sexual intercourse can trigger off a urinary infection without any reason.
 catheterization if any in people for a small period of time can also cause urinary infections.
 in children soiled diapers when left for a while can cause urinary infection.
 other causes of urinary infections are blockage of urine due to kidney stones, prostatic hypertrophy in old men, congenital abnormality in some children apart from a suppressed immune system etc.

Who is at risk?

# women are at more susceptible because the urethra is nearer to the sources of infection i.E. Anus and the vagina and also since the urethra is shorter the infection reaches the bladder easily.
# twenty percent of women develop this ailment sometime in their life and in about thirty percent of those affected it can occur more than twice.
# pregnant women are more susceptible and in them can travel up the ureters into the kidneys more easily and cause problems like loss of albumin in urine and hypertension.
# infection is common also in children and men but is rare in young boys.
# diabetics are at a higher risk of infection.
# people who have little intake of water and fluids can end up with infection easily.

Symptoms :

some of the common symptoms which occur during a urinary infection are:

 frequent urge to urinate and in some may be associated with urgency.
 painful, burning feeling in the bladder or urethra while and after passing urine.
 uncomfortable feeling or heaviness sensation above the pubic bone in women and men complain of fullness in the rectum.
 despite the urge the amount of urine passed is not much.
 pain in the back, sides, below the ribs associated with nausea and vomiting.
 urine may look milky, cloudy or red if blood is present.
 unusual smell of urine.
 if children are affected they are irritable, cry and cannot be cajoled easily have unexplained fever and could have vomiting and loose motions too.
 fever is associated with infection if it spreads to the bladder or the kidney. In infection of the kidney the fever would be of high grade and in bladder it could be continuous, recurrent and low grade.
 chills associated with fever.


+ preliminary test is examination of urine which would reveal red & white blood cells and bacteria.
+ culture of urine would show the offending organism.
+ to see if there is any cause of obstruction a dye is injected into the body and its clearance through the urinary system is shown through x-rays called as intravenous pyelogram.
+ ultrasound examination would show any changes in the bladder due to infection, prostatic enlargement, retention of urine after voiding urine, which are all causes of infection.

How can homoeopathy help?

 homoeopathy can cure an acute infection, stave away a chronic infection. On the application of right medicine patient can be surely be cured of the infection in not time.
 fever due to infection can be cured within 24 hours.
 any obstruction due to kidney stones, prostatic enlargement can be appropriately treated.

Dr. Venugopal gouri
consultant homeopath.
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replied February 23rd, 2009
urinary infection
pls inform me,my urinary bladder is not properly working,means if pressure of my urin then just flush out urin.not controled myself
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