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 stomach
 what is gastritis
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 causes of gastritis
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if there is anything man has been abusing on a regular basis whether it is to be a social animal, to please the palate, to spend time or strike a business deal it is the stomach. We do so by eating food at untimely hours, consuming foods which are tasty and down liquids which do not make the stomach feel really good and all the above in quantities which are not very welcome down the throat. And after all that, call it an “upset stomach”.

the stomach as we know is a “j” shaped structure starting at the end of oesophagus and collects all the food and liquid we ingest. It then methodically grinds it up into small pieces and squirts them into tiny jets into the next part of the digestive system i.E duodenum.

Stomach is made up different layers of cells which produce predominantly hydrochloric acid and other enzyme called pepsin which along with the grinding motion of its smooth muscle layer and the chemical action break down the food and prepare it for digestion.

What is gastritis?

It is nothing but irritation, inflammation of the inner layer of the stomach. The stomach has its own protective layer which shields its walls from the corrosive action of the enzymes of digestion by producing a mucosa rich in bicarbonates. But due to irritation and inflammation when that layer is breached at a few points in the stomach the acid tends to break down the walls leading to formation of these gastritis changes as white blood cells rush to the affected areas as if during an injury.

Gastritis could be acute or chronic. In the sense that if the irritating causes persist over a period of time or keep occurring regularly then it can cause chronic gastritis.

Who is at risk?

 people working in timebound operations or ones under stress due to occupation or studies and who do not have healthy food habits are at more risk compared to others.
 men and women of all ages can be affected by this too.

Causes of gastritis:

+ helicobacter pylori is a bacteria know to cause changes of gastritis and can be harbored in the lining of stomach even for decades causing chronic gastritis.
+ delayed food habits, either it is housewives waiting till mid-day to complete the chores or students skipping breakfast or people in occupations who miss lunch atleast twice a week are all prone to gastritis as the enzymes are produced on time but do not have anything to digest and irritate the stomach layer. All the above people also make the matter worse by taking stimulants like tea, coffee at the time of regular meal intake.
+ alcohol on a regular basis and smoking push up the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
+ spicy food causes the same effect.
+ stress pushes up the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach and if this occurs on a regular basis can cause gastritis.
+ anxiety, depression have the deleterious effect on the stomach wall too.
+ auto-immune disorders like hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic diseases like pernicious anaemia, bile reflux can all cause gastritis.

Symptoms of gastritis:

* heartburn is one of the commonest symptoms of gastritis. It happens if the stomach contents tend to travel up the gullet and since it is not an area resistant to the acid can cause this burning sensation in the chest or just below the ribs and can get worse after eating.
* non-specific abdominal pain. Sometimes pain may radiate into the back.
* belching or eructations. Sometimes it could be just air or contain the taste of the ingested food coming into the throat.
* nausea or vomiting sensation or in some cases vomiting too.
* loss of appetite.
* weakness.
* feeling of fullness in the stomach even after eating a little.
* if pain is severe and ulcer has to be ruled out.

Diagnosis of gastritis:

- the symptomatology of the patient is enough to diagnose gastritis.
- if the pain is severe an endoscopy should be done which would rule out any ulcer formation.
- a culture of the contents drawn with an endoscope would reveal helicobacter pylori bacteria if any.
- in any case of gastritis any other chronic disease or drug abuse should be ruled out which could be the probable causes.

Prevention of gastritis:

# since salt can increase the irritation of stomach lining the intake of salt should be decreased.
# spicy or oily food and regular intake of non-vegetarian should be avoided.
# alcohol, smoking should be avoided.
# stimulants like tea, coffee and other beverages like colas which contain high percentage of bicarbonates should be reduced more so on empty stomach.
# food should be taken at regular intervals, delayed should be avoided to the most.
# people with gastritis should avoid irritants like drugs which can cause chronic inflammation.
# patients should also try to figure out food allergies which can vary from person to person.
# last but not the least stress and anxiety should be avoided. If we study our lives we come across situations wherein there are enough episodes of “avoidable stress”.
# eat meals at regular intervals.
# avoid going to bed within an hour after a heavy meal.

What can homoeopathy do?

 homoeopathy can be a wholesome treatment for acute or chronic gastritis.
 it can reduce the excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid.
 it can heal the patches of gastritis areas thereby reducing the symptoms of the same.
 it can prevent formation of ulcers of the stomach.

Dr. Venugopal gouri
consultant homeopath.
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replied January 28th, 2009
chronic gastritis
i have the above and fed up of it -tried arsen alb na nux vomica 30 for one week each but cant cure it -why is that?
got diabetes as well but not on any medication -just diet n excersice
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