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Chronic Neck Pain

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5 years ago my son was 18 yrs old and in very good health except he had been having neck pain for some time. The doctor detemined he had a tumor between c2-c3 in the spinal column. He had surgery with successful removal of what turned out to be a benign tumor. He has continued to have severe pain constantly since the operation. He is a health minded person and does not like taking pain medication constantly, therefore, he has pain all the time. I have done considerable reading on the subject and wonder if an epidural injection or the prfn-pulsed radio frequency neutronomy procedure would possibly help. Does he have epidural fibrosis from scar tissue that formed on the nerves that might have been disturbed? The neurosurgeon removed some of the bones that help protect the spinal column during the surgery...Does this have any effect? My son used to go to physical therapy, do exercises that were designed for his condition and take pills...Nothing has worked. Any suggestions? This is my first time on this or any site-looking for help!
Has or is anyone experiencing the same thing, possibly after a similar operation...Successful removal of benign cervical tumor or lesion?
Thanks, tom
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