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I have been in pain caused from fractures in my hip to spine the one doc
refered me to a surgen for reatachment? But been putting it off and when i
was unable to make an apointment he said he could no longer see me or
be responsible for my injury and told me to get a new referal so my family doctor has had me on ultram,vicodin,and vicoprophen now next
week I have an apointment with pain clinic to have nerve block shots I
here they dont work and are very painfull ive been on these pain meds
for a full year I cant function with out them I am a recovering heroin user
and now im going threw the same withdrawls have no urge to use havent in 5 years but I dont know what to do
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replied January 16th, 2006
I don't know about the nerve block shot's, but what did you do about the fracture? It's now 5:30, been up since 4, can't sleep because of the pain's. Sometime's I feel like going back and partying it up but, I know it's not the cure even though it may give some relief. Stay strong and don't go back. Am I making any sense? It's early, i'm tired, can't sleep, can't work, not that I want to, got to go, I think you know what I talking about. Steevo
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replied January 17th, 2006
Replying to your message I to have been up many nights years ago and
some what of the same now but not as bad you know what im talking about I asume ive thought of it but remember all the hard times I went threw from it you know jails instatuions death it is hard with my injury and
having to take those meds but having the surgery would put me out of work for 10 months and have a family to suport its a hard dession to make email back or any body with good advice
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replied January 23rd, 2006
I've been out from work since may 05 and can't see going back for at least a couple more month's. My situation is different than your's, it seem's that you have a choice whether to have surgery or not, I may have had the final decision, but I was out of option's, my condition was getting worse. If you believe surgery will help, assuming you have tried everything else, then 10 month's of your life may be worth it. Do you have any benefit's from work that may help? Unemployment? Believe me, if my wife did'nt work, we'd be in a world of hurt right now. Maybe you could even do some less physical type of work just to make a little cash while your off. Learn while your off, take an internet class, look into something different and enjoyable. There's a lot off money to be made if you have the know how to do it. Use your brain, not your back. Look at the big shot's, they do it, and who's making more? Maybe this a way to say your going to change thing's, go back to school, learn something new, and do a lot better for myself and my family in the long run. Steevo
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