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Sore Joints?

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Hello, about three years ago I did something very stupid and had unprotected sex. I have thought nothing of it until the past couple of months. I have been consumed with the thought of having hiv, constantly worring about it and terrified to take a test. I really have had no symptoms until I started worring about it, so im not sure if its just in my head or what, but I have heard that joint soreness was an early symptom, I have had soreness in one knee, but it is not a constant soreness, everyonce in awhile I will have dull pangs of pain. I was wandering if anyone with hiv ,or a doctor, or just anyone close to someone with hiv that can tell me what kind of joint pain, if there is a specific kind, I should be looking for.
Thank you
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replied December 25th, 2003
Extremely eHealthy
I think you alreaady know the answer to this, you just want some support to do it.

Go to the dr & get tested don't waste your life worrying about every little possible symptom find out & deal with whatever the result is.

Joint pain can be caused by innumerable things, sleep position, moving the wrong way in your sleep or during the day, knocking your joint, pinched nerve, cancer in that joint (& here is another reason to get tested & get the joint pain checked out ) if it's cancer & you get it early all should be well but if you leave it becasue you're worried about aids you'll end up dead from cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
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replied December 28th, 2003
Sore Bones
I know I need to just go head and get tested, and I do plan on it very soon. But one other question, actually now that I pay more attention to the pains ( it is really just more uncomfortable than painful ) but they are also in the middle of my bones sometimes and not the joints but not at the same time ever, and I also heard that hiv related joint pain usually occurs in the larger joints, is this true? Plus it does'nt hurt when I move or bend the joint at all.

Anyone had the same things happen to them?
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replied January 14th, 2008
Community Volunteer
Did you ever go get tested. I am HIV+ and have never had the symptoms you describe. So what happened if you dont mind me asking??
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