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Panic Attack Need Advice

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Hi aim 25 had my first panic attack 2 years ago and got better until last week I went to san francesco and I started to think about the bad times I had on the way there before and the same panic attacks returned my trip was a disaster and I came back went to my doctor thinkin iam dying from heart disease cause I thought it was my heart so he gave me zolaft again and atanol for my heart beat to calm down I keep thinkin there is something wrong and taking my pulse I cant get it out of my head iam afraid to go anywhere and do anything and my stomach is always blotted and I have acid which makes it worse for me before I was okay 2 weeks ago does the anxiety cause the stomach issuse too caus ei also feel my stomach muscles pull iam very nervous and I need to stop think about these things so I wanted to share and talk on the forum to feel better cause I see there is people out the with the same symptoms and love to hear back its a bad disease the panic and anxiety attack I hate it my life has come to a compleate stop in a week and its crazy what uri brain can do anyways hope u guys dint think iam crazy love to hear back and ps the funny thing is I had experianced this before and I now everything that happens but I still dont want to except that its the same thing and I have to play it out I think its heart disease or stomach cancer tumor
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replied January 14th, 2006
I don't think ya crazy just worried,
last week my brain had me believing my eyes were dilating lol they were not I had to looked 3 times then get hubby to look too I am better this week I to have stress anxiety doc told me every thing is ok my mind keeps working over time wondering is it this that
it seems I can not let go of it someone said it takes time
hope you feel better soon I put up a tread hoping others would talk about the feelings so I too can feel normal again :shock:
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replied January 15th, 2006
Panic attacks are miserable. I have had them since about the age of 13, they peaked around 20, went away and came back again very strong after I gave birth to my daughter. I get the classic symptoms – impending doom, heart murmurs, racing heart, tunnel vision, shaking, and if i’m extremely unlucky, I get a heavy pressure in my chest that makes me very angry or makes me want to explode. Lol, i’m sure explaining this doesn’t help you, but the fact that most of what you are feeling is imagined should. I have learned to disregard the attacks when they happen and keep functioning. I have found that it helps to realize that what you are feeling is not real. When you feel the panic attack coming on, take a couple of deep breaths and realize that what infact you are feeling is a panic attack, and that it is just your mind doing something stupid. Actually, at times when I am really bored, i’ve tried to induce a panic attack. Of course my problem has been lifelong, most people will have a few panic attacks and never have them again. You are probably one of these people. Medications: I have been given many medications for the disorder. Most of them work okay (until you come off of them, some of these drugs have very strong withdrawal symptoms that can make you very miserable). I personally have a steady long term prescription for zanax. But you have to be careful taking the drug, I will take it for a week or so when the attacks are really bad then go a year without it. Other than that, I take a very mild sleeping pill from time to time (once or twice a week). I think what I have now is simply calm. You need three pills to sleep but I only take one pill when i’m having anxiety problems (none for sleeping). So, there it is, you are not alone, and that is what helped me. Now, take a deep breath, read a fictional book, or do something that gives you a break from whatever is bothering you.
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