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Child's Eye Color

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My step daughter has blue eyes. My husband has green eyes and her mother has green eyes. No one in my husband's family has blue eyes and my step daughter's maternal grand mother has brown eyes. I don't know the maternal grandfather I think he is out of the picture. The child has the exact same eye color as my husband's friend and he has told me his ex and his freind have messed around before. I don't see any of resemblenses between my husband and his daughter and people comment that sometimes. She does look a lot like her mom though. My question is how does eye color determination work in genetics? Is it possible to have a child born with eye color so different from the family? I saw an episode of house that said it wasn't but that is only a tv show.
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replied February 27th, 2006
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I know this topic is over a month old, but I thought I would reply since nobody else had.

Genetics works like this:
2 parents can both have brown eyes; their offspring can have any eye color - brown, blue, green, hazel, etc.
2 parents with light colored eyes (blue, green) will only have offspring with light colored eyes. They cannot have a brown-eyed child. In your particular case, yes, it is possible for 2 people with green eyes to have a blue-eyed child, and vice versa.
On another note, if 1 parent has brown eyes and the other parent has light (blue, green) eyes, their children can have any eye color - light or dark.

Hope this helps....
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replied September 6th, 2008
hazel green eye and brown eye
I have brown eyes and my husband, green hazel. Our son has one brown eye and one green/hazel eye.
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