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Can't Figure Out Good Bc Method pills , ring , shot , patch

I am 21 yrs old and I use to be on the pill but I kept having problems remembering to take the pill on time so I went off of it and just went to condoms.

Recently I have become interested on getting back on a method of bc that is more effective. I set up an appointment with my doctor, I have been researching all the different methods out there but can't seem to find one without a problem.

I cant do the pill because I just forget to easily.

The shot seems to have problems with bone and weight gain. (i already weigh a lot, I don't think 5-10lbs would be much but I have found a lot of people gain about 20-40lbs)

the ring seems to be the best method but I cant even use tampons so how am I going to be able to insert a ring?

The patch seems to be the best method so far but I read a lot of reports about blood clots and other health issues.

Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.
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replied January 12th, 2006
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Have you considered the possibilty of an iud? An intrauterine device is inserted into your uterus by a doctor, (paragard) is hormone free, and lasts for 10 years. I have one and love it! Most regular docs are scared to insert them on women who have never been pregnant, but planned parenthood will do them for anyone.
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