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I Have a Very Strange Problem Please Help. : /


i am not sure what this is, but I worrys me.

I was sleeping, and when I woke I felt something trapped just at the top of my throut, :?
I looked in the mirror and when I open my mouth I can see something really swollen but not painful,

i can try to explain what it is,
you know at the back of the mouth? We have a piece of skin hanging and when we talk it moves? Its at the entrance of out throut? :roll:

anyway when I talk it gets in the way of my throut and feel as through I have something in my mouth and I want to swollow but its that hanging skin thing and not something trapped there at all that ive eaten,
it very swollen, and it look kind of a strange colour its reddish, and as a blueish colour at the end where its swollen. :?:
does anyone know exactly what it is.
It not the first time I have noticed this I also noticed it a few weeks back after waking too ive looked around about it but I dont even know what that peice of hanging skin is so I cant find a topic,
maybe its to do with snoring, and its going down my throut as I was lay flat on my back, :idea: I slept in a very arkward place with my head tilted back.
Like I said it doesnt hurt just a nuisence.

Also do you know what it is called we have there ?

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replied February 11th, 2006
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Sounds like your describing your tonsils. These are positioned at the roof of your thorat! An inflamation of the tonsils is called tonsilitis. This generally causes the following symtptoms; swollen and enlarged tonsils, enlarged lymph nodes (these are positioned below your jaw line on your neck (they feel like little balls)). Painfull when swalling due to the swelling and inflamation. You may have tonsilitis.
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replied May 20th, 2009
The thing that hangs in the back of your mouth is called the "Uvula"
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