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Basil Cell Carcinoma Radiation. Help With Information

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I have had seven basil cell carcinomas removed from various parts of my body. The one on my arm had to be surgically removed however the others ( forehead, back and thigh were removed by electrodesication.
These were all removed about three years ago. The problem is the one on my forehead and the two on my thigh have new growth around the edges and I now have a new one on my shin. My doctor who is a plastic surgeon has recommended that I have radiation on my forehead as it is now too large to remove without leaving a nasty scar. He will use electrodesication to remove the new one on my shin and to clear up the two on my thigh. Has anyone had radiaton for basil cell carcinoma? I am concerned about the side effects and also the long term effects that radiation may have. I am a 54 year old female and the doctor thinks I may have more of these occur. When I was younger we lived on a lake and I spent a lot of time on an air mattress in the water. Of course no sun screen at that time.
Please if anyone has any thoughts on this please give me your insight
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