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I Think I Might Have Ovarian Cancer

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In the beginning of august I was working out at the gym like normal ,on the eliptical machine. Then after about 5 or 10 minutes I felt this sharp pain in my lower stomach. I had just turned vegan about a month prior to that so I started taking vitamens to supplement my diet. I figured that sharp pain was from taking too many vitamins. However within a couple of days the pain came back and I could tell it was not going to go away. I do not have insurance so I went to a free clinic, I saw a nurse and she said maybe it's really bad cramps and she sent me to go get an ultrasound and the doctor at the ultrasound said he didn't see anything, I went back for the follow up at the cllinic and the nurse figuered it was just a bad case of cramps and sent me on my way. That happened in september. In october a friend took me to another clinic where another young doctor thought again that it's just really bad cramps however he gave me an xray of my stomach just to make sure. So the xray doctor came in and said everything is fine. So I still felt the pain and I went to another doctor in novermber at anther clinic and told him about my pain and I asked for a refferal to a gastro doctor and he said have you seen an oby and I said no only a nurse so he said okay i'll set you up with an appointment with an obyn doctor first cause that's what you might need. That appointment isn't till april. I went to the er this wednesday because I am tired of this thing in my stomach hurting one day then hurt a week and a half later then 2 days later and I don't know what's wrong with it. The doctor camae in and I told him where the pain was (just to the left of my left hip bone) he put his hand there and could feel something there. So he scheduled me for a cat scan hours later the cat scan camae back and they found a mass there about 3 by 5 cm. They don't know what it is or where it is exactly(above my uterous and below my intestines is what that doctor said) he callled surgery just to make sure I didn't need one and they said no just send her to the women's dept. So when I left there the doctor told me that they might do an mri down there and some other things. When I got to the woment's they took my vitals then gave me an ultrasound. This time the doctor could see the mass in the ultrsound and I saw it too, it looked like the leter p inflated like a ballon pointed towards my left side(oh by the way in the catscan the mass looks like it's in the middle of my body) I told the doctor that and she said sometimes when people have pain from something it sometimes comes from anthor area I don't remember the name she used for it. But I do remember her using the term tumor for my condition. So she said she would call me to schedule an ultra sound (stomach) because that will be more thourogh and I will come back to them in 3 weeks but I won't have my results yet so I will come again to go over the ultrasound results. Another thing I forgot to mention is I am a virgin so at all visits each doctor atempted to give me a pap smear but was un able to because of me being virginal.
I left and they told me if I have any pain to come back to the er a day or 2 went by and I couldn't stop crying and worrying so I went back sat at 2 in the morning. Again the doctor tried to give me a pap smear he ev en tried to put the ultrsound in my vagina ,but it didn't work. He could't see the mass in the ultrasound, when I told him where my pain was he couldn't find it. I said I would take his hand and put it on the part of my stomach were the pain was but he prefeerred to do it his way and he just took is finger tips and poked the area he really didn't feel it he just poked it. So then he sent me back up to the er and I told the young doctor there 1st please more than anything I want a refeereall to the stomach(gastr) doctor because no one knows wha't wrong with me and I figure they will know best what's wrong with that area he said I can't do that but I will give you an appointemnent for an ultrasound on monday and if they can find something then they can give you a referral to a stomach doctor.
Today I felt the pain again, even right now, not as sharp but I could feel it
i am always aware that that thing is there even if it's not very painful. I c an't live like this worrying and crying all the time. There is someone out there that can help me, I know there is I just haven'[t found them yet, but I want to find them soon because I can't bear the pain of not knowing what's wrong with me and the thought that I will feel that pain again knowing that that mass,tumor, and cystic fibriod thing is near my uterous and intestines.Please help me!
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