It usually happens on the odd day, that I get these spasms. Like, i'll feel like I have to go to the washroom and what comes out is very little and after I go, I got to get up about 2 minutes later. It's very uncomfortable and I can't sleep, I lose a lot of my sleeping hours. I've gone to my family doctor many times and has said the same thing over agian and agian. That "nothing is there." this has been happening for more then about a year. It comes and goes sometimes it stays for about a few consecutive days.

Now im stumped, if anyone has any suggestions. Please reply. Thank-you
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replied January 18th, 2006
I no what you mean..
I used to get this feeling of wanting to go to the toilet every second or so.Even though I didnt really need to go.It is uncomfortable so I got ti checked out by the doctor I found out I had urine infection so the doctor gave me some tablets
another reason to why this can happen is when your stressed out so if your stressed out try not to worry about things.
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replied January 30th, 2006
Thank you so i've read around that cranberry juice and more water should be necessary? Does anyone know anything else about this?

What is a uti?
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replied May 23rd, 2009
RE: Similar problem
I also have had the similar problem but have not visited my physician yet. My symptoms occur for a few days, then die off, and come back. But this regular pattern has been ongoing for about a year.

It seems to happen more when I'm attending larger social gatherings, driving in the car, or at the gym.

There is no real pain, just an urgent need to constantly go, and a lot of times having little urine to expel. i've also noticed my lower abdomen region gets quite tender.

Refraining from alcohol use, and I actually smoke cigarettes, so smoking a cigarette when the urge came also seemed to help a bit.

Anyone have any real solutions or a possible diagnosis for this? I've read around somewhere else and it seems liek it might be muscular bladder spasms, which isn't too serious? Something having to do with the intestine track making some movement.

I also have constipation from time to time.
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