i am feeling kind of afraid right now and need some opinions.
I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks and depression too.
My father died unexpectedly when I was just 14. I am now 26. I was traumatized by this badly. I never really dealt with it either.
I started getting anxiety attacks in high school and they went away for a bit and returned when I had been graduated for about 2 years.
I am now in a relationship for the last 9 years with a man and we have a 5 year old daughter together. He has become addicted to drugs and seems to have some issues with hallucinations too. I know this relationship is bad for me and intensifies my anxiety, but I have become co-dependent on him and I feel afraid without him.
Lately I have been feeling kind of out of touch with the world and feeling like I am in a dream or outside of my body. With these feelings I get bad anxiety and start to fear I am going crazy and that I may be getting really mentally sick. I can be shopping in the store with my mom and if I can't find her, I get scared I never even went to the store with her and that maybe I am just crazy. I know in my heart that isn't the case when I am thinking it, but I can't stop the thoughts once they start. Could it be paranoia and maybe ocd? I get so caught up in these thoughts that I am losing it that I can't calm myself enough to get back to reality! I just recently started dealing with this! My live in boyfriend has gotten much worse and I am constantly tense and feeling nervous. Could that be part of it? Any advice would be great!!!
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replied February 14th, 2006
My Opinion

your boyfriend has hallucinations and you have anxiety problems. Why is he having hallucinations?? (schizophrenia or hallucinations from drugs)

i don't know your situation well enough to give you good advice. For now, all I can say is that your daughter is #1. Don't put her in a bad situation.
It's so sad that a lot of adults get so wrapped up in their own lives that the kids are left behind.

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