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Having Bipoar And Schizophrenia At the Same Time

I've seen four doctors, the first one told me i'm a bipoar, then I was hospitalized last year for one month, then I went to the college, it wasn't going well, and another doctor near my college said I was schizophrenia.
Now I stay at home for most of the time, searching for something that can help me or cure me, i'm going to psychiatry clinic once per month, and taking risperdal once at night, with ativan and propranolol after my breakfast and dinner. My doctor also prescribed me biperiden for my side effects, the doctor i'm seeing every month now is the first one I met last year when my condition was prominent.
Now it seems like my mood has been cured(normal state)
but my thought status is still in disorder. I have thought blocking and thoguht echo maybe more, it bothers me when I was in conversation with anybody.
So my problem was not in mood status anymore but thought.
Would it be possible for me to be fully recovered? I want to know!
I live in taiwan, and it's been one year and 5 months of treatment.
Thank you for answering my question guys. 8)
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replied January 6th, 2006
Experienced User
There is no cure for these types of illnesses. The medication and therapy helps control it, but it won't just go away. Perhaps your medication is just working for you.
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replied January 7th, 2006
Oh My God
If this won't go away then what i'm living for?
I still got friends but they are getting busy
sometimes I want to join a group of friends but I found it difficult for me
though ppl just say it won't go away but I believe that somehow I will be ok
my thoguhts are empty no matter what I see and hear and learn
it's just me struggling with this kind of disease
it is hope that is inside of me to keep me going
gees I still don't believe that my schizophrenia (thought disorders) won't be cured
maybe one day in the future when those scientists find something availible for this disease to be cured.
Let's just wait and see
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replied March 11th, 2009
It is curable in early stages!
Hey their is much promise in tackling psychosis in in first or recent onset patients. We are all vulnerable to psychosis given variable stressors. The main hope is atypical antipsychotic medications and cognitive behaviour therapy. Also there's family therapy, occupational therapy, help with getting steady life (job, family etc) has shown to be a major influence in outcome. This is short summary but chin up there certainly is hope if you have positive attitude!
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replied June 11th, 2009
My son is 7. He was diagnosed bipolar when he was 3. Now they're telling me its possible he has a schizophrenia/bipolar disorder. Except, of course, for the doctors telling me he's too young to be having any problems at all. He is on concerta, abilify, and seroquel -- as well as melatonin to help him sleep. He has no friends outside of myself and his sister, makes constant lists of things ... which is better than trying to feed his arm to the garbage disposal because its hungry or asking me to throw him down the stairs so he can see what it feels like. I'm wondering what long-term behaviors I can expect. Does anyone know?
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replied June 14th, 2009
Your childs future is in your hands
Hey shadowdragon.

I would suggest asking your doctor for some education on the subject. Preferably a psychologist as medical doctors such as psychiatrists tend to be very negative about such issues. With kids their futures are so unpredictable due to many factors that it would be difficult to say for certain what the outcome would be. If you get educated as much as possible then I'm sure this will go a long way to optimal parenting and a brighter future for your child. Good luck, not that you'll need it as I'm sure you have it in you to do the best thing.
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replied February 3rd, 2010
I was misdiagnosed bipolar for 8 years. There is a disorder known as schizoaffective which is a mood disorder and schizophrenia. Which sounds like what you have. That's what I finally got properly diagnosed as.
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replied October 5th, 2010
I have schizo-affective disorder and it is not necessarily a life sentence. I take Abilify, Cymbalta and Dexadrine and I am able to function pretty well. Don't be too discouraged. It is tough, but you can get better if you find a good doctor who will help you tweak your meds just right, and who is respectful to you as a person.
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