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Beware of False Advertising

Recently I fell for a tricky advertisement on hoodia from trugenix.Com.
The way they advertise is very tricky and is meant to part people from their money. After seeing couple of bills for the total of more than $75.00 to my visa account I called them and talked to two people, both were very rude and told me that they will not refund my money. I did cancel this tricky set up and told them I will pursue this further.
The supervisor openly admitted that many people have complained about their methods but said too bad, I should have read the fine print.
After talking to these two people I wrote an email to one of them (so called supervisor), well the email came back to me right away as undeliverable!
Well here I am letting all possible purchasers of hoodia to not buy anything from trugenix.Com unless they like to throw their money away.
Oh, I forgot to mention I didn’t even receive the pills even though they charged me so much.
By the way I did tell them I would contact all major news outlets and let them know as well as other places.
Bottom line, buy from reputable places, and if you have bad experience, let everyone know.
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