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!!!feeling Guilty About the Worrying!!??

Hi all

like a lot of others on here i've always had bouts of anxiety, really remember worrying myself sick about school to start with. Also like most I battle through these spells and start to feel better again in the end.

I feel really guilty about this, but my latest spell of anxiety has been brought on by meeting a new girl and trying to relax and enjoy the start of a new relationship! Sounds crazy I know!!

Everything can be going fine, but I get these fears that i'll be rejected...All for no real reason, so much so that I had to leave work early as I just couldnt concentrate.

Then when I get a text or a call, I feel ok again.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I know I should be enjoying myselt, but the old anxious feeling are threatening to get in the way.

This probably sound pathetic as a lot of others are worried about health etc...I have been there in the past too.

I would really appreciate anyones thoughts on this

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replied January 4th, 2006
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Hello there,
i remember getting so anxious about this guy at work about 4 years ago. I would get so anxious after we started dating waiting for him to call or getting ready to go out with him. It was silly, I would work myself up so bad that I would be running to a washroom. Lol, I can laugh at it now.
I ended up marrying him. But I think everyone gets anxious when meeting someone new, because it is new. There are always fears of rejection, or fears that he/she may not like you or you'll make a fool out of yourself.
I am just trying to tell you that it is normal what you are going through.
I am sure we have all been in the same boat at least once in our lives.
So, do not fret the small stuff. Just try to take one day at a time and try your best to relax before you do wind up with a bad anxiety attack.
Hope this helps even a little.

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replied January 9th, 2006
Many Thanks
Really do appreciate the reply, thank you, and I know you are right of course!

I just feel stupid for letting something like that get to me and trigger the anxiety.

There are so many more important things that can effect people, still you cant control what gets to you and what does'nt I guess!

Anyway, thanks again for the support
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replied January 9th, 2006
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Don't Feel Stupid.
Hello welshworrier, please do not feel stupid. Everyone gets anxious over many different things. They may be little things or serious things that trigger our anxiety.

You are welcome for the support, that is what this forum is for.
Anytime you need to even vent I will be here. I check in everyday.

Good luck with your anxiety.

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