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Antibiotics And Yeast Infections

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I have never had a yeast infection before and don't intend to.
I have heard that when you take antibiotics you can get a yeast infection, but eating yogurt helped offset what the antibiotic does. I just started taking a pretty heavy duty antibiotic.
So my question - is it all dairy that helps or does it have to be yogurt? Like does cottage cheese do the same thing? Cheese? Milk?
Just trying to prevent another problem.
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replied January 2nd, 2006
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Hi there if you want to try using yoghurt to prevent yi, best to check if it contains acidophillus lactobacillus and choose natural yoghurt without sugar because sugar can also cause yeast infection.

Taking antibiotics is one of the faactors that causes the imbalance on the good and bad bacteria in the vagina but it doesnt necessarily follow that if you take antibiotics youll gonna have yi.

Anyway taking yoghurt everyday is good for you especially if its the natural one.

Best of luck!

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replied January 2nd, 2006
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Agree totally.

You can also take acidophillis by chewable or swallowable pills too, if you do not care for yogurt.

Make sure it says "live culture" on the yogurt.

Everyone has yeast in the body.. The imbalance caused from many things, diabeties, hiv, just plain too much sugar, and too many antibiotics: begins in the bowels. Im sure there are other things too, but....
If a person takes 2 yogurts every day for the rest of your life it is suppose to keep that balance correct. Not only yeast overgrowth in the vagina, it also causes all kind of intestinal problems, and mouth sores, and or thrush.

It is very hard to find sugar free yogurt. I havent found any yet, where I live. I am diabetic and I would love to eat more of it.
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