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Life,universe And Everything Else_--- Please Help

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I just wondering if anyone could help me??? Ive recently been through a time of reflecting and asking alot of questions about life- like why we here, whats the point of all this?? I got rather confused and panicky, I guess I was questioning stuff I never really thought about before and just accepted. I get anxious sometimes because there are so many unaswered questions and I can sometiems feel detached from the world. The thing is like most people would question and move on like I usually would but I cant seem too. And the more I ponder I start constantly questioning things. I guess ive maybe looked at life in a different way but just get frustrated that I cant stop questioning. I go through days wen I think postivly but then I can go down again. Sometimes I can latch on to things that worry me or afraid of like going mad,having a mental illness like seeing things or hearing things. Maybe I latch on to them cos I got so confused about the big question"what is the meaning of life" it does all make me feel a little odd- hard to explain why..... Whats wrong with me??? Why does the thought of why we are here,earth,planets,space all worrying me???? I just wanna get on with life and stop constantly questioning life,universe and everything else!!!!!
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replied November 23rd, 2009
It could be that you're just going through a reflective/contemplative time in your life, or it could be something else... this is not meant to worry you or anything like that, but you sound like me right before psychosis a while back: you seem to be thinking, questioning, asking things you can't move on from, there seems to be a change in your thoughts/thinking. I feared the same things too, especially because I was noticing some small things. Do you mind me asking if you have noticed any other changes? If you're worried, speak up and discuss it with somebody, that's the best thing you can do for yourself Smile It might just be that you're going through a phase in life, but talking about it will definitely help!
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replied March 15th, 2010
Although this was posted 5 years ago, i hope this helps.

The meaning of life is "CHANCE".

It is normal for a person to question its existance.You just have a curious mind, just try not to get too engrossed(its unhealthy).

Don't waste your time pondering over such questions and just give it your best shot at this so called game of life, whatever suits you.
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