do i have epilepsy!
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Hi eveyone can anyone help me out! Please!

Question: epilepsy

on monday 7th of novmber of this year I was laying in bed I was not feeling very well and so I stayed in bed and I woke up a few time thought the day and about dinner time I stared to shake the hole of my body! And I could not stop it from shakeing and I do remmber this one time.And every sen then my heands,arms,legs,feet will start to shake all on there owns I donno why this is happing to me!

And on the wensday day time I had just got back from college and I lay down for a bit and I strated to shake just one side of my body skuck

on the next tusday I was in class and working I was just liening to the teacher and I like went for a few mins I remmber I bit my tonge

2week after the wendsday when that happed to me it was sunday night I started to shake in my sleep I do nothing about this I had to be told this was happing to me!

When I have a fit in my sleep I all ways woke up afterwards I do not know this has happed I have to be told by my boyfriend.
And all the week I started to shake if I sat down or lay down someone phoned me one night I namal askner the phone but I did not anser this time but about couple time after wards I did my friend was worrding about me!

Now I am at home for chismas I came home on the 16th of nowmber I do not feel gd at all!
On the monday night I think I had a fit I did not feel good at all felt ill so went to bed about 9:30pm and slap all the way thought till about 9:30 but I woke up feel not well at all tiyed back heart just not with it! On the wensday day time I went to the cinema and I sat waiting for my sister and I flet like I had gone for a few mins but I could hear eveything around me!
And that happed a few times that day.

I am so so scaryed of this now! Becouse it happed and I know nothing about it! Friends are saying I am having tonic clonic epilepsy.

Caroline please get back to me!
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replied January 4th, 2006
Hey I have epilepsy and I sometimes have the same thing that your talking about im in high school grade 12 student and ive gone through seziures all my life I was born with them cause my mom had them when she was little so I got them too.. But I have that too were your legs and arms will start shacking on there own and you cant controll it or sometimes ill be in class or talking to someone and ill be into what there saying and then next minute ill be stairing into space and I wouldnt remember the last word they said or why I was were I was. I dont know why it happends but I would maybe go see your docter because you might be having mini seziures and the mini ones lead to the big ones. Thats what happend to me I grew out of the big ones and then the mini ones came back and I take mini ones all the time and I dont even know it. And I get very bad headaches and migrains from them I get really dizzy and I have very bad mood swings and I can be really loud or talking one minute and then next ill blank out not remembering anything and then ill come out of it and just sit there quiet for the longest time I can sit for hours not saying a single word I dont know how and I dont know if its from my seziures but yeah .. Umm my other simtoms are sharp pains in my head on the right and left side mainy left side, umm and coldness one minute im hot and next minute im ice cold.. I cant really remember most of my simtoms cause my seziures has caused me to have short term memory lose so I just kinda blank out at times not knowing anything. But yeah if I remember anymore of my simtoms ill let you know. Ill talk to you later
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