As a kid i've only had one type of reaction before and that was to things like pollen/ragweed which included the whole red eyes and runny nose bit. Lately I have had a different reaction (to a perfume I presume), atleast I think its a reaction.. It's happened on several different occasions and I am not sure if I should be worried about it.. Here is what happened.

- inside of my mouth feels swollen/partially numb, with a metallic taste which stays for a few days.
- my lip gets very dry and crusty (stays again for a few days)
- first day my chest begins to hurt and its harder for me to breath.
- throat dries up and feels like it closes up on me from time to time.

What do you guys think? :|
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replied December 31st, 2005
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Oh my. I'm quite allergic to things myself (even hair dye as horrid as that sounds)! The metallic taste that you speak of could very well be an allergic reaction symptom because I do the same. That's one of the signs that I look for *when* I believe i'm having a reaction. Every time that i've gone to the doctor about it though, i've been given prednisone or a corticosteroid shot, or both. It probably wouldn't hurt to be referred to an allergy specialist.
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