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Phlegm, Single Swollen Lymph Node, Mono-related?

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Hi! I'm a 16 y/o girl, and i've seen my doctor twice about this problem. It began last spring, after I had mono twice[went away for a month, came back during final exams. Fun!] anyway, every day, at the least 5+ times daily, I have to tighten my throat and hawk up phlegm. It's no different at any time of the day, except a little heavier in the morning, while i'm in the shower.
The mucus is usually clear or white, with random specks of yellow, or sometimes black/blue. Every few days, sometimes a couple of days in a row, i've coughed up phlegm with blood in it. Also, i've had at least 3 colds since the beginning of winter, and a sore throat that never goes away. This is getting incredibly annoying, not to mention embarassing. Having to cough and hack and spit all the time is awfully disgusting.
Also, before the mono came, a gland in my neck swelled up. Only one side, though! It remains swollen and slightly painful to this day. So that's over 9 months.
I tried stopping dairy products, no luck.
My doctor has dismissed this twice as "allergies," and will not refer me to an ent doctor. I think that 8 months of "allergies" that never manifested themselves prior to my bout of mononucleosis is a little ridiculous.

Seriously, i'm desperate to get rid of this!

On a side note, my boyfriend has the same problem. We weren't together right when it started, but we began dating right after the mono vanished.

Anyone know what this is?!
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replied February 5th, 2006
Ive had the exact same problem, except I feel like hell also... Bue mono seemed to lead to this cough.
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replied January 26th, 2009
black blue flem
i had that so if u smke or hav it just the tar... cofing up blood could me frm alergies as it earatates th nose an may start bleeding... or u just a slite infection in ur lung or a hole in ur lung throat lung cancer a hole range if u google ur symptoms an go to a few sites u shud find some info... sori bwt th spelling im nt th best speller in th world haha
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