Hi I am 18 years old and for the past 8 months I had this sort of constant 24/7 lightheadedness/dizziness. Description: it is like the objects in my vision pulsate and bounce. It is constant and I get no relief what so ever. I dont if it anxiety or if it is some serious medical condition. I ve been to doc after doc and have had tests after tests echo, mri, chest xray, eyes checked, blood work and vitals all come back normal. The story behind all this: I was at work closing and I started to get this wierd like dizzy head rush thought nothing of it at first but when it didnt go away withthin a few secounds like a normal head rush does I freaked out and had a full blown panic attack called 911 and told them I was dying went to the er and threw upp blood stuck tube down my stomach everything normal. Blood came from esofugus tubes from throwing up so hard. Well any ways up untill this time I never had any unsual aniety or anything now I cant seem to find my self to be normal does any one else have these symptoms and is it possible for anxiety to be constant? I seem to have a hard time believing that and plus one doc told me that it is not possible. I have been to ent my inner ear seems to be normal.
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replied December 30th, 2005
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i have not experienced you symptoms but was wondering, was there any changes in your life from when you started experiencing these symptoms - such as being prescribed a new medication.

I think you must suffer from anxiety to some degree for you to have experienced a panic attack. Do you have any other symptoms? Such as high blood pressure? Or problems in concentration, feeling stressed about anything?

Sorry I am not able to help in any way. Hope you find the cause to your problem soon,
take care.
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