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November 14th, 2010
i wouldnt consider myself to be deppresed, i dont want to kill myself but there always is a feeling of unsatisfaction. From the minute i wake up i want the day to be over already, i try not to feel this way but i dont know how...
i find theres just nothing to look foward to,
i like to be alone ALL the time and seek something that doesnt seem to come
i believe in god, and he always seemed to be there but now its like hes gone i dont know what to do
i used to think that with time it would pass but its been 2 years and nothing seems to changee
whats wrong?
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replied November 18th, 2010
Whats wrong with me....
I respect that you believe in god but i don't. How could he exist and make my gay friends the way they are, then persecute them, how could he let good people die painfully, how could he let me feel this way.

at the same time I am so scared that there actually is a god, looking down on me, judging me. Maybe the way i feel is a punishment for not believing, maybe its just his idea of a sick joke. If there is a heaven i will be denied, barred, and thats what i'm happiest about because then i won't have to face all the people after they know the truth about me, know how stupid and selfish i was.

I am 13 years old. Nothing bad has ever happened to me, i use to be a strait A student, I use to love hanging out with my friends, i use to love being alive.

Now everytime i look in the mirror I don't recognize myself, on the outside and the inside. I lie to my friends to get away from them, telling them i have to babysit my little brother, because all i can think about is finding something in my parents liquor cabinet to drink. I can't concentrate at school and whenever i feel sad or angry or tired i run to the bathroom and eat any pills i can lay my hands on or sniff/drink bottles of nailpolish remover to make myself throw up. I even tryed cutting myself before people started to notice, because I thought that would let the ugly out.

I use to be skinny and when I turned 10 I started growing. All my mom ever talks about is weight and for two years i alternated between starving myself and throwing up in the toilet. Thinking in part that she'd notice me because in her eyes i was always second best to my brothers because i was a girl, thinking that maybe food was the reason she hated me, that maybe if I was skinny, if i was pretty, she'd love me again.

Every breath i take is killing me, every word around me that people say makes me want to cry, because in the perfect community i live in, words like depressed and cutter and alcoholic and insane and even sad are related with stupid, ugly, worthless, and unprintable things. I can't get help because i would be an outcast and i cant get help because that would drive my crazy into reality.

I would be an outcast of my own family because we are suppose to be squeaky clean, because my moms PTO reputation would smack me in the face before she would admitted that i was related to her in any way if i told anyone.
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replied December 19th, 2010
Answer to the question "What is the point of life?"
"What is the point of life?" has an easy answer and it's the same for everyone. The answer has nothing to do with making yourself happy. The point of life is to start caring about "other" people. First, stop complaining about the fact that you're still alive and life is hard. Then stop thinking about what you want all the time and use that energy to think of ways to make someone else happy instead. It's ironic that you will begin to discover the reason you're here and actually experience happiness too. They hand out clinical depression diagnoses like candy nowadays. The real issue is that everybody wants a quick feel-good fix. No magic pill is going to change your life and everything isn't going to be on your terms. Happiness is something everyone who has ever lived has wanted and only those people who are willing to serve others, deserve it. Don't try to over think it and give these ideas a try. Finally, if you're life still isn't good enough for you, go see a doctor and get some happy pills. Just remember that you do not have the right to cash out until you've helped as many people as possible and died of natural causes.
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replied December 22nd, 2010
life is just pointless though because we just live for emotions and money it's not like we're actually there for a purpose. We live and eat everyday, that just wastesmoney. So basically there is no need for any humans in this world. I'm only 12 years old but I wont ever be able to harm myself because I know that these emotions and ways of living is pointless anyway.
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replied January 26th, 2011
point of living
how can we justify life?? who made the rules?? why do we follow them with such blind faith?? did god make the rules?? for humans?? who have only been around for 20 thousand years?? well intelligent life anyway. dinosaurs that arent mentioned in the bible?? MILLIONS. any closer to the sun?? we die. further away?? we die. which god do we belive because arcording to most religion we'll burn if we dont follow!! are we just space bacteria?? who knows. if god wants our praise why not show himself or save us from our own destruction. we all live in blind faith because were all scared nothin exists after. sorry.
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replied January 28th, 2011
What’s the point of living?
I heard and also been led to believe that in every persons life these four questions
come to mind almost all the time, if not our whole lives.

1. Who am I?

A. Understanding who you really are.

2. Why am I here?

B. Understanding why you are here.

3. Whatâspam�s the point of living?

C. Understanding the true purpose of living.

4. Is there a God?

D. Understanding that there is a God.

3. Whatâspam�s the point of living?

c. Understanding the true purpose of living.

Whatâspam�s the point of living? What is man trying to build up to? A lot of your answers may be world peace. Iâspam�m not sure what your answers are but here is my answer. I believe we are trying to get to a point were we can do anything. Thatâspam�s right anything. In our day and age we are able to bring people back to life. For instance if someone is laying on a stretcher and they go flat line, we use a defibrillator on the person, something created by man/woman, they gain their pulse back and sometimes they donâspam�t. How about when doctors do transplants? They call it saving lives. Or how about a doctors complex surgeries? How about firemen saving people from fires. In our day and age we are able to do this with our creations and it definitely wasnâspam�t always like this. Our God like powers allow us to do this.

Now I know there is a line drawn between saving lives and bringing them back to life. But the main point is that we are trying to be capable of bringing people and even other animals back life. Now that's power.

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replied February 23rd, 2011
Want someone to talk to?
Theirs only a few things in the world that keep me wanting to live and I try to hold on to those things, but the more time goes on I loose a grip on it, and its just one more step toward me thinking about harming myself, no one knows that I'm depressed. I try to make everyone happy but when ever I do something for myself, everyone treats me like crap, I was always was the good child, and once I slipped up one time everyone just goes right back to tearing me down
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replied April 10th, 2011
Love. Not lust, not sex, not romantic infatuation. Love. Helping others. Being a genuine person. Doing genuine things.

I struggled with SEVERE depression during post concussion syndrome after a mild head injury. I was not able to function in society, cried for hours a day, and had frequent suicidal thoughts. Constant despair and despondency. Before my concussion, I was never depressed or even prone to depression. Now there are days when I don't see a point in living and frequently envision suicide to finally escape the persistent hopelessness.

This depression had no relation to the things going on in my life, just the chemicals in my brain. During my deepest moments of despair I often asked myself the same question, 'What is the point in living?'. At the time, I didn't see a point in living. But this severe depression that persisted for months did allow me to take a step back and focus on what matters, and that is love. Memories of someone who truly loved me or genuinely cared about me were things I tried to focus on during my darkest moments.

Hitting rock bottom and spending months in the deepest despair fathomable has certainly changed me as a person. I am able to empathize with people dealing with depression. It frustrates me how the term depression is so often misused. I read an earlier post on this thread where a guy was giving advice to change a person's way of thinking ? Well, he has no idea what he's talking about. I've always been an optimistic positive person but when I was struggling with my depression, nothing I did could change the feelings I felt-I'm convinced I felt the worst human emotional possible.

I don't really know the point of my post. I just know that my depression has taught me to:
live in the moment and take each moment as it comes.
understand that you never ever ever EVER know what someone is going through.
realize that everything becomes beautiful if you really look.
you don't have to live your life with depression, there are solutions/coping mechanisms
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replied April 22nd, 2011
I have read all the postes on this site from about 2005 i think was the first one and i also have depression and have had it since i was about 7 and i have just turned 18, sure i still think life and everything is compleatly pointless because no matter what we do we are going to die anyway BUT<---- big but!, if everything is pointless, then whats the point in being depressed and thinking about suicide all the time and just making yourself sad about it, im not trying to go against anyone or anything because everysingle one of you is write but if life is pointless and your going to die anyway, then you might haswell do what ever you want to do, go to venice and take in the sites or go and see the wonders of the world, you might has well, but you might be thinging whats the point but what im saying is, whats the point in not doing it =) what would you rather do, travel the world and enjoy your life while you got it , or cut your self and sit in the house, and again im not trying to be nasty or anyting i swear
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replied July 23rd, 2011
Exercise and diet - the best remedy
It's understandable not wanting to seek help. Oftentimes that "help" involves medication, which oftentimes makes the depressed person feel worse. Or, as is often the case with drugs such as prozac, it deadens feelings and you're unable to move. Nearly every US massacre has been the direct result of prescription medication. You won't read about it because the pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in ensuring that we don't learn the truth.

Exercise and diet is a highly underutilized treatment for depression. Force yourself to take one small step at a time, such as the simple start of eating an apple a day and getting outside for a 15 minute walk. Add in cognitive therapy such as uplifting talks listened to on your ipod. Seek out people with healthy outlooks. Our society is wedded to YOU feeling depressed - you'll have to take matters into your own hands to make it better. But you CAN do it.
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replied October 10th, 2011
I know exactly how you feel. All I can ever think about is how many people there are in this world and what are the odds that I'll ever be one of the happy ones. Seems like I would have a better chance of winning the lottery since not everyone can be happy. Think of how many people have been born in the worst of circumstances and have never had anything go their way until they just eventually kill themselves. All I can ever think is that is my destiny, that is the person I'm becoming. Why bother living if I'm meant to be the guy that happy people look at and think, "Wow, thank God I'm not him."
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replied October 23rd, 2011
Hi all. Firstly let me make note that anything I share is my opinion. They are answers for me and are not meant to help, anger, or influence anyone. So here goes . . .
What's the point in living? I'll try and keep it brief. For me there are two separate questions:
1. What is the purpose of existence?
2. What is the meaning of existence?
The answer to the first question for me took 40 years to answer. The purpose of existence is the avoidance of pain or displeasure. Plain and simple as that.
The answer to the second question requires a bit more explanation and is directly related to the answer to the first question. I'll try my best to answer it.
Three things give people meaning and satisfaction in this wonderful world of ours: Money, Power, and Sex. You cansome the three up as "Control" Some pursue one of the three, some pursue them all or a combination. So throughout our lives we create "meanings" for our lives in pursuit either money, power, or sex because they give us a sense of control over our existence.
In reality it's a false sense of control, but it keeps us distracted from the truth that there is no meaning to life. We can't control anything.
Someone posted a reply here sometime back suggesting that depressed people see things for what they really are and the happy people (those successfully pursuing money, sex, and power) don't want us "sad" people rocking the boat. I think that person is utterly correct. Just to add a bit I think it's not just that depressed persons understand that life is pointless. It's also because we feel left out that we can't find "happiness" the way others do even if it is manufactured. Not because we "see" through it all but because we just suck at pursuing money, power, or sex (control). Well at least for me that's a major reason for my depression. We want that control just like everyone else. But that's another story . . .
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replied December 3rd, 2011
I find the previous opinion ridiculous. Yes it is your opinion and if you believe money is the number one answer!! you are truly deluded. Money can bring the possibility to arrange circumstances that may allow you to feel less sad but there is only one answer to what can heal you.
It is the answer to everything. If you are allowed to love and be loved you cannot fail to be happy. Look at the lonely child or the lost dog. Show it love and you give it meaning and hope.
Have I been loved? Yes. Was I happy? Yes. Can I love who I truly love now? No. If I told you who I love what would be your reaction? Hate? ..possibly. Understanding? Possibly. I have had the minute taste of my love and life then had meaning INSTANTLY for me. NOTHING else mattered.
If you can love the ones you love freely without prejudice then fall on your knees and thank God you can.
If you are in love but still feel depressed then it can only be something wrong with your chemicals.
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replied December 4th, 2011
Thanks for the reply Arcticcubb. I stated that money is only one of three things that people pursue along with sex and power (control)l. Love would definitely fall under the categories of either power, sex, or both. Love at it's core either gives us a sense of power or influence over another while belping us to control the views of another concerning ourselves. So basically love is not a separate category unto itself. I'm still left with money power and sex.
Even unconditional love gives us a sense of control over how we view ourselves even if the love is not returned back to us. Love is just a word with it's definition in the mind of the lover that happens to suit or serve them depending on how it feeds their need for power or control.
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replied December 9th, 2011
With all due respect I suggest you talk (face to face) with someone who is in love and has that deep companionship and care for one another. You will then understand that control and power !? (I am astonished you wrote that) does not feature in what they feel for one another. I'm sorry if you have become bitter from what you possibly perceive or have been told is love.
Love completes you when it is mutual. Kristalkleer -
( Even unconditional love gives us a sense of control over how we view ourselves even if the love is not returned back to us)
That's not LOVE. That is called selfishness!
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replied January 15th, 2012
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This post is way too old to have anyone responding to it. Please stop and start a new thread if you feel a need to discuss something.
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replied January 18th, 2012
Depression can make someone feel that there is no hope. Depression clouds a person’s judgment and because of this, depressed individuals often come to erroneous and incorrect conclusions. This means that depressed people often judge their reality incorrectly. The decision to commit suicide is usually a decision that is being made by a person who is in deep despair and not able to see reality clearly. It is highly likely, as with many other depressed individuals, that you are misjudging reality when you conclude that suicide is the only option for you. You are wrong. There are other options.
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replied January 18th, 2012
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So, regardless of the original post being maybe 7 years old people continue to use it for general discussion.

There are far too many issues to cover in a post here but let me make a few statements, my opinions:

. There is no God, nor has there ever been even a shred of evidence to say there was or is. I came to that conclusion as a result of my depressopn and my need to find the God all and sundry told me was there and all I had to do was open my heart and invite him in. No one could tell me why they believe, just that they did. No one offered any proof, saying you just had to make a leap of faith. Sorry, No I don't. I will be happy to believe once we have irrefutable evidence but as it has not been produced since the dawn of time I won't hold my breath.

As human beings couldn't tell me how to find this God I decided to read the Bible and try to find him there. I did this over a two year period, cross referencing things written in the Bible with real, known facts and found not even one accurate statement in The Bible.

As an example of what is actually in the Bible but everyone ignores, there is a statement in the Bible about the Beast, the Devil or whatever name you use.

The statement is in Revelations and the line that tells all is this:

The number of the Beast is the NUMBER OF A MAN and that number is 666. Many have postulated on what that number is code for. One popular interpretation is the numbers 666 are some ancient Jewish code for the name NERO, who was a vicious Roman Emperor of the time. It'a a belief I favour given the context of that part of the Bible, Revelations.

But if you think about it the number itself could mean anyone. The point is the author wrote that the "Beast" was a man. Thus he is now dead and no devil ever existed at all. Just evil men. So even on that one point, no Devil, therefore no Hell, the whole book falls. There are so many different but similar faults that you can only read it as a story, nothing more. A story actually that was meant for the minds of people back around 300 AD. For that is when the Bible was first written, under inctruction of a Roman Emperor who converted and called himself a Christian whilst also appointing homself head of what became the Catholic Church.

Tacticly, a brilliant manouver but soul destroying to believers as they now had to worship hom. Enemies wiped out by an appointment. Brilliant.

Note I searched with hope to find this God, not to disprove him. But that was the only conclusion available. Thus I am atheist and my mind has been so relieved since reolving that issue I cannot explain it to you. I don't even think about it, ever. It just isn't real, to me at least.

Everyone should make up their own mind but I would suggest you don't just "inherit" such beliefs as, in doing so, you are giving control of your mind and life to someone else's beliefs. And thus subject to what you are told to do and think.

My research told me that's actually the exact reason for the invention of this thing, religion. It was done about 7000 years ago, in Mesopotamia to give the ex hunter/gatherers political control of their people. They used the blood and thunder approach. Betray God and you will die etc etc etc. Still used today in many parts of the world.

But do note when this was created, this religion idea. 7000+ years ago. WHich is why Creationists say the Earth is only 6000 years old. If that were so then the Mesopotamia creation could never have ocurred. You follow? They are afraid of truth and history.

Many of us with depression do ponder the big questions and I certainly spent many years doing just that. Why, When, What, Who, I call it "The Why's"

Once I had resolved religion to my satisfaction I turned to the other big questions. At this stage I had also found the answers to why I have depression. When it started, how it started, why it continued and why it grew. Long story.

So I turned to a question such as "What am I here for, what is the meaning of life"? Well 42, obviously for those who enjoy a joke.

No, actually I came up with two answers, connected. First why does there have to be a reason when life itself is such a gift on it's own. It is we who make our lives what they are, no one else. We do.

But I needed more than that and found that too. I have four children and following the birth of the first my life and priorities changed direction. It was no longer about me, it was about ensuring the children got the best care and chances in life.

That need is, simply, survival of the fittest. Evolution stuff. That, to me, is the purpose of life. To ensure the survival of the species. Simple stuff but too easy right?

You think you have a destiny, someone has made a plan for you and is ensuring you get there. Think about that and think about how many humans there are today. Do we really think there is an entity writing plans for all those people and giving them destinies which cannot be avoided? Impossible. Absolute rubbish frankly.

If people believe in a religion and it gives them comfort and hope I see no issue with that and would never say anything against that. But, looking at the history of man up to and including today religion has been by far the biggest cause of wars, suffering and misery.

So while one person has that belief it is fine. When there are multi billions with such beliefs they oppose each other and fight, dragging everybody else into it.

So, please do believe what you think is right and enjoy what it gives you but don't let yourself be used.

The last poster, Alex is on the right track about suicidal thoughts. It is simply something our minds offer as a solution but it isn't as depression will fade if treated properly, and with time. I was suicidal 24/7 for longer than I care to state and lived with it and fought it every inch of the way. It seemed eternal but one day it was gone, that thought. Due meds and good support mainly.

The way I think of it is this. Our brains receive all information by all the sources available to our bodies.

It is our brain's job to interpret whatever it is and immediately send messages to relevant parts of our body. As an example think about when you stub your toe. Pain isn't immediate as it needs the brain to tell the toe it is indeed pain. And then you react. Same with kids you know are going to cry but some take even minutes to let it out. Their brain is interpreting and takes longer as they know so little.

Essentially our brain and our body reactions are either inbuilt (as in the fight or flight, survival and the drive to have children) or learnt. So when one experiences something that has happened before the brain knows and tell you what to expect. This is where it becomes irrational. You see things may seem identical but may not be at all. But our only experience is answer A so that's what the brain offers and we think it is true of course.

With suicidal thoughts, I see the brain getting that thought and trying to figure out a response. As the person has never had that before, the brain gives the only answer it sees as possible to get out of the pain. Die. That's a logical result as it will stop the pain immediately. But it's not valid as there is another option. Live and deal with it, get treated and survive.

The first time I encountered that though I was so miserable to try it. I made preparations and came to the point of no return and only at that point did I realise that I WANTED to live. I just didn't want the pain.

Since then, 1986, I have have had such thoughts, urgently too. But my brain had an alternative now and that's what I followed and it worked.

I say suicidal thoughts are bad answers to a question we don't understand and that such thoughts will always be temorary. Note that word. Temporary. My life since then has had it's ups and downs and I've had anothe bad breakdown but these days I'm fine, still have my old friend, depression, waiting it's chance but by now I know what it will, can do and tries. So I know how to get through it, and Quickly.

You see I've had depression for 50 years, last Xmas Eve actually was 50 years. I know it that precisely.

In days gone by something going bad may have depressed me for months, or longer. Today the longest it has taken to come back and stand up ready again is just over week. Mostly it's within hours, or just going to sleep and waking with it gone.

Above all I would say that YOU make your own decisions as YOU have to live your life, nobody else. I did, and do.
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replied January 29th, 2012
Im a 20 year old college student. I really dont see the point in living anymore either. Everyday is a struggle, everyday is a battle to keep myself going. Trying to balance school along side my lack of wanting to live is nearly impossible. I wish I had hope, I wish I didn't feel useless and alone. Im so worried about dissapointing my family and friends is I leave school. But at the same time, does my happiness matter??? I really don't think it does!
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replied January 29th, 2012
Hi thelly,

I’m not usually one to offer advice to anyone because I don’t think I have any unique insights into anything and my life is unbelievably bad most of the time. I’ve felt like killing myself since being a child, I don’t value my hard life at all, I don’t believe life has a point, I don’t believe in anyone or anything, my life is step by step trudge through misery, pain and suffering, ...but I’m 48 and still trudging. I felt like you at 20, I still feel that way at 48 and maybe I’ll feel that way at 100 and die by my own hand or natural causes.

Life is a series of decisions followed by actions. If you decide to kill yourself and act on it then you will go to oblivion and nothing will matter to you anymore. If you choose to trudge on then one day you will be 48 too and wonder how you got there.

I can’t promise you happiness, I’ve never found any. I can’t promise you’ll find a meaning for life, maybe you won’t but unless physical illness or accident takes you then only your hand will and you control that.

Perhaps you will use your time to imagine a metaphysical reason for existence that suits you if the ones that others have thought of don’t. I sometimes think that because we are made of the same stuff as the rest of the universe that each sentient being is a sort of neurone in the mind of the universe. A mind that is collectively trying to understand itself and create a reason for it’s own existence and that’s why we all seem to think about this question so much and why it’s importance feels so important to resolve. Sometimes I think that’s just junk but when I think outside of my miserable box I’m not thinking about how bad my life is and any respite is worth it’s weight in gold to me.

Don’t know if this has helped or just pissed you off but I will think well of you and hope you find your own way through.
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replied January 30th, 2012
Hi friend i know sometimes we feel that what is the point in living. We think that we are losers and there is no point living but we have to live. We cannot think like a loser and give up. To achieve anything we have to pass through failures, we should be motivated by failures rather tah being depressed
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