I am delighted to find an established skin care company that understands the fundamentals of skin aging and how to treat it. Farmec (aslaskin,, their us distributor) is a romanian cosmetics company and has been around for 60 years. This is the original formula and the quality is great!!
Farmec is in fact the site of the first anti-aging institute in the world.
Alsaskin.Com is not the greatest web site but the description of skin types and related products has enabled me to identify the best products for my skin. The fact that the products are all natural (check the ingredients – very good and well researched!) gives me peace of mind about what I am using daily on my skin.
I am happy to say that I have stopped paying for high priced ‘well marketed’ skin care products. Aslaskin is truly doing a service to the skin care industry by making these products available in the us.
I have started using gerovital h3 from aslaskin and it is the only skin care product that truly protects my skin from the cold weather in illinois. It is a great product and although I am in my 60’s, I can see the difference in my skin and complexion. Finally, a natural skin care product that my daughter can use – gerovital forte. I have seen the difference in treating her acne and the positive effect on a teenagers’ skin. Great products!!! Thank you aslaskin!! Try it for yourself.
I am retired and live in florida and have found the perfect skin care product for the harsh florida climate. Gerovital h3 is a break-through in skin care and I am sorry I did not find it earlier. Farmec cosmetics, distributed by aslaskin in atlanta provide a great range of products at affordable prices!!
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