I suffer from migraines, and I have since I was very young, maybe 4 or 5 yrs old. 3 nights ago, I had one, fairly bad but not the worst I have ever had to endure. I am pregnant so I did not take any medication for it this time.
When I awoke in the morning, the migraine was gone. Later that night when I tried to lay down to go to sleep, I kept jolting up because the room would start violently spinning a few seconds after I would lay my head down. It even woke me from my sleep several times.
Sitting upright would stop the spinning, but I would still feel lightheaded and nauseous.
I think my symptoms sound like vertigo, but i'm not sure.
Is there something I can do at home to help with this until I can see my doctor? I can hardly sleep at all because of it.
Thank you.
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